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September 25, 2012

On our way back to Washington DC from Montreal, I wanted to stop by Boston to see an old friend, Julia. Julia has been a huge support of mine, bringing me back mugs from her travels to Taiwan, China and wherever there is a mug at the airport.  The first time I visit Boston with Sook, I wasn’t addicted to mugs at all. Collecting for leisure so to speak! The first trip, we visit Paul Revere’s house, Boston Tea party, MIT, Harvard but this time, I visit more Starbucks than I did the historical landmarks! Rather than going to Harvard’s campus, we visited the Starbucks at Harvard Square. Close enough eh?

The park is still one of my favorite places to visit. The weather was perfect that day. Boston downtown is small so we walked everywhere.  I miss Sook when I was there. I clearly remember all the places we went to. It was around 4 yrs ago when we first visited Boston. Now, Sook is a mom and I am an auntie with 5 nieces and nephews, 1 more niece coming next year. I am also turning 40 in a few months. Half of my life has passed. So much has happened and my path is more view-able and  distinguished.

Just last year, there is no mention of being friends with traders. Now, I’ve met some online, some in person and more to see in the future. Everyone has their single story to tell. Mine is never a single story, rather, complex with so many forks in the road and I want to take roads that are not only less traveled, but only emotionally captivated by my soul.

DSC_0014 DSC_0059 DSC_0093

Montreal- St. Joseph Oratory

September 8, 2012

The first time I came to Montreal was over 25 years ago. All I can remember about Montreal was this beautiful, gigantic church that was up a hill and that people would pray for some sort of healing miracle.  The ironic thing is that the person who told me about the miracle of this church was Budhist. They went to pray because a member of the family was sick and their prayers came true. Today, with great determination, I went to the 730PM mass.  As we were near the church, there was a bright spot in the sky peaking out in the darkness of the grey cloud that was in the sky. It seemed as if God had peaked out, to remind me that He is always watching over us.

My friend who came along with me, never understood this obsession with Starbucks City mugs. On the way there, we kept stopping to look for mugs. Half way to Montreal, she started to point out every Starbucks store on the road we would pass by and even made a detour to see if they were carrying any city mugs!! Once we were in Montreal, she kept noticing every Starbucks we passed and insisted for me to stop by to get my mugs! I was really hoping for a Montreal tumbler but no luck.  She said she’s never been into Starbucks this many times in the whole year altogether!

She has no idea what she has gotten herself into!



My 4th Grade Friend

August 27, 2012

prague duo

My oldest friend that I still see on a regular basis went to Prague because she was chosen to be a bridesmaid. What I really wanted to say about her was that about 2 year ago when she found out I collected Starbucks City mugs, she got one of Washington DC for me and rushed over after work to give it to me. After work for her is around 11PM at night. I will never forget that night. I have the mug, it’s an architecture mug, Washington DC mug, just as they were discontinuing it. All along I’ve been saying to everyone, it’s never about the mug, but it’s all about the messenger of the mugs. I don’t usually do posts for the blog, because then it entails people to have to read it. I just want people to accidentally find the blog and be inspired by it. For the past one week, there were at least 2 that found it and are completely inspired to collect. AGAIN, it’s not about the blogger, but the message that the blog delivered.

What transpired for a reader when they visit this blog, I may only know if they chose to verbally communicate with me. Lately, it’s been a blessing because they are more readily coming forward and letting me know they appreciate the effort behind it.

We draw energy from each other. The blogger, the admin, the moderator…only has the desire to continue when it’s voiced in the most affectionately way..APPRECIATION.

So my beautiful, longest and dearest friend…although you are too busy to work and help others around you, you always think of me no matter where you are, even if you are thousands of miles from me. That love is so dearly cherish and now, I am vocally letting the world know as well, that I too deeply touched by your sense of
kindness and our beautiful lasting friendship.

As represented by these two mugs, it’s just us two, together like we were in Sunday school, and now as we are older, still together, always there for each other, by your side, as you are always by my side…


August 25, 2012

I thought I would just start collecting the current series, the Global Icon series. As I snooped around the internet, I realized I was 13 years behind with all the older series. Then I stumbled upon TUMBLERS and thought I would just grab whatever I saw as I traveled here and there. So I tumbled upon Dan’s blog and realized that there are around 200 tumblers. Then Kristin found the Facebook page and was reaching out to trade cards. Starbucks gift cards. I just happened to pick up a few when I went to NYC and saw some here in Washington DC so I thought I just send it to her. It only cost around 70 cents so that’s nothing and I know the feeling of receiving mugs so she might feel the same way about receiving gift cards. This is the result as I came home last night from my friend’s bbq.

Here is the start of another adventure, the Starbucks gift cards. I have seen collectors posting pictures all over but have yet to really made the leap to start collecting them. Kristin, thank you for reaching out and inspire me to take on another meaningful journey in my life as I attempt to get all of these cities/country gift cards!

Texas Gift card

The many gifts from UK…

July 28, 2012

Miel's UK mugs

For those that have wondered if you saw this picture already, then it’ s not deja- vous! I posted this on the Facebook page right after I managed to cut through all the package that Miel took endless efforts to put together. This by far is the most popular post with 30 LIKES and 595 views so far, and we only have 308 Likes for this page!

This is what makes collecting mugs so fulfilling. It’s the people you never actually met, but feel that you’ve known, and holds a close place in your heart, even though they are oceans apart from you. Miel Preciosa, I hope one day we will find each other somewhere across the world and we can remember this wonderful experience that mugs brought us together! Part 2 is coming..:-)’

That is the comment for the post that caught so much attention because of the sincerity behind it. I am very grateful and flattered that another collector thinks of me while trying to find that mug for his/herself. The first person that thought about me was Rosa and now Miel. Between those two, I know we probably have most of those mugs. Such ambition and efforts which bond us all. I don’t really trade, yes, as shocking as it is. But when I do trade, it’s forever. Why would trading a mug that important? It’s the trust and respect behind it. These are people that you have never met, and maybe never will, but you are sending one of the most precious cargo, (because it was derived from the addiction of mugs!) and at the same token, received the exact substance of your heart and soul that went into the ‘business of exchanging’ mugs.

Looking at these precious mugs forever puts a smile on my face. From the many IMs and discussing which mugs to get and give, brings more than just a box received in the mail, but all the personal thoughts and discovery of all the commonalities that we have. That is the connection that you have, if you are brilliant enough to experience and realize it. ..even better yet, appreciate it and let it live with you…


July 6, 2012

I love going to NYC for 4th of July because there is no traffic, free parking, and all the sales at NYC. We usually stop by Saks first because it is the biggest Saks, hence the name, Saks 5th Ave. My roommate told me this! This time, it was also mug motivated as always!! We were very fortunate to go into a rest area in Delaware that has Washington DC, Philadelphia and NYC mugs! It does cost a little more and it varies from $13.15 to $11.95 a mug. It’s worth it if you don’t feel like making the drive to those places to get mugs. Our final destination was the flagship store near the Empire State building for the Hamptons mug. I am not supposed to take pictures inside the store but this was taken before they put a halt to it!! I love living life DANGEROUSLY so here goes the ‘illegal’ pictures in the Flagship Store! I don’t think I planned to take down the Empire State building nearby. After all, the mugs will get damaged! We all know there is practically a Starbucks Store within blocks in NYC! Relief, tumblers, architecture, Icons….oh my! So it’s a safe bet that I am just a passionate collector to want to take a picture in this store to share with you all!!




Hi Starbucks Collectors…and FRIENDS & FAMILY!!!

USA Mug collection!

I just started my Starbucks City Mug collection. This blog is to help me to keep track of all the mugs and I have all the ones I am aiming to get.

I do find it fun and challenging. My first mugs were bought about 8 years ago and I can’t remember how it all got started.

I found a site that has collectors like myself. That’s when I found out that there are about 300 mugs out there.

I am getting emails from my posting from other collectors. I am looking forward to sharing a meaningful experience along my way of attaining them all.

Thanks to all the friends and relatives who have carried the mugs around the world, across the country and around town back to me!

June 12, 2010

I am coming up on my ONE YEAR Anniversary of this blog. My collection is growing so I either have to buy another cabinet to put them in or be creative somehow. THANK YOU again for all my friends and customers, coworkers who brought me back a mug or 3!! Your efforts are UNMEASURABLE! I know it may seem simple but to bring it back from wherever you went, is still A LOT of work!


August 4, 2011—I’ve been busy being auntie! So many kids are born this year and last year. It’s wonderful being an auntie. I am very close to completing my USA MUG collection and I am happy with people finding my blog and commenting on it. I really didn’t think any one would find it but since I did find someone with a Starbucks Mug blog on here, I supposed it’s just a matter of time! I welcome all comments and would love to help anyone who has the same hobby as me.

My dream is still have to have the money and time around the world to actually go and collect all of these mugs! I wonder if Starbucks mugs will still be around when I am retired and have nothing to do and hopefully the fund to travel.?? I am not much of a traveler but if there is push or purpose, then my mind will mentally get me there!!

Thanks for all that have visited my blog lately and of course many thanks to those that keeps thinking of me when you are on your next adventure in the world.

FEB 28, 2012

I think Rosa has it right, this blog is my escape from life’s STRESS!! I have been helping BPSOS with this huge campaign on March 5 &6  so it’s been extremely stressful to schedule and meet with 100 Senators in a week’s time frame! I am not actually the one calling or emailing but I am the one that is coordinating and making sure it gets done! Mind you, none of us know what to do at first! I don’t even know what a senator is or how many we have. BUT now, I do and that’s about it. SOOO, I just need a little break so I took some pictures of my USA mugs. Thank you Rosa for bringing me 4 yesterday! Rosa is like the sister I wish  I have. Asians are like that.  When we like someone, we call them like a relative, older sister, younger sister, older brother, younger brother, aunt, uncle, grandpa, grandma, niece, nephew. We just don’t call mom or dad but apparently, we use all the family terms!

So I have a bit of OCD. You will see from the pictures below. I am missing 3 more USA mugs and Rosa thinks she can get me 2 of them. The Seattle I is discontinued so I might just give up on that one. I am NOT that OCD! Well, I don’t want it to ruin me and think about that ONE mug I can’t get!

Turquoise USA Mugs

Red USA Mugs

Light Green USA Mugs

Dark Green USA Mugs

Dark Blue USA Mugs

Brown USA Mugs

Blue USA Mugs