New York City Relief 1

From my NYC trip with my sister, her son and my roommate for July 4th, 2011, I ran into the first EVER relief mug. I had no idea they were called relief so I even came up with a strange name for them, New York Cab. Little did I know, there was a New York Cab edition, thanks to Rosa. She’s been obsessed with them as well and finally got it, from a surprise from another trader. Life was heavenly from following your heart. I will come back to NYC this year now that the Freedom Tower is up and running. Yes, I am a PROUD AMERICAN. NYC is always the most fast-forward city in America. I know compared to other cities in the world, it may not be as updated but NYC will always be my proud city of my ‘HOME’.


New-York-1 New-York-4 New-York-3



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