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  2. Taichung
  3. Tainan
  4. Taipei
  5. Taiwan

Taiwan mugs

Made in Taiwan, Michelle Krusiec, my favorite Asian American Taiwanese actress!

May 31, 2012

Yes, I received my Taiwan mug finally!! This reminds me of a one woman show, Made in Taiwan. The person that is in the show is Michelle Krusiec. I was stalking her for a while after I saw her movie, Saving Face. It turns out she went to VA Tech. I also went to VA Tech for one semester back in fall 1993. After 16 years later, I drove to VA Tech to see her Made in Taiwan show. It’s soooo amazing. I’ve seen broadway shows, live shows but I must admit that this Made in Taiwan was one of my favorite compared to all the huge productions on broadway. When I go and see someone live, I am more interested in the performance.  I hope Michelle will make it HUGE one day and be on broadway with this show. I know she has them once in a while and if she were to come to DC,  I will go and see it AGAIN!


  1. Kenny Lin

    Dear my friend, just pass by your very nice blog, if you want to complete all 5 Taiwan SB mugs, please let me know, we can trade!! and I have 2 Singapore SB mugs,
    Happy Chinese new year.
    Kenny Lin from Taiwan

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