Of course I couldn’t figure out how I got this mug. I have no idea which state Columbus is in and I can’t remember who would go there. My older German cousin came to visit my new house and I told her about my Columbus mug and she was like…’Uh, I was the one who got that for you when I went of that interview!’

I am glad she ended up going to grad school at George Washington.

Katilin, Ethan and Ngoc Han

Columbus Columbus-4 Columbus-3 Columbus-2 Columbus-1


  1. Ngoc-Han

    hahahah! Again, so funny. I even remember hitting up so many Starbucks places to get you one! I am glad that I stayed in the area too 🙂

    • hongluong72

      You and manager both went all over to get my mugs! They don’t make a Columbus mug anymore! Can you believe that? I am almost done with my USA mugs! Now the international ones are going to be next to impossible!!

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