August 5, 2011

The Berlin Global Icon mug is a gift from Bday girl. She went there a more than a year ago and brought me back the only thing I wanted! She had a great trip, got to go to Paris, shopped and then onto Germany! The Thank You card is from her Baby Shower she had a few weeks ago. The card is very sweet and sincere. I love getting mail the old fashion way. I know it’s ironic that I am using my blog for my mugs but I do have it on display at home. I still put together memorabilas from the things my nieces make for me. Technologies do change how a person can savour a moment but it could never take away how one keeps its moments passionately.

Berlin Berlin-3 Berlin-2 Berlin-1



  1. Ngoc-Han

    haha, reading this cracked me up! I also wish I could travel more so that I could see the world and get you some mugs! 🙂

    • hongluong72

      What I love about you is you always think of my mugs everywhere you go! Those mugs are not available anymore so it’s really valuable now!!

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