New York City Relief 2

Ground Zero NYC

I got this on my trip this year, 2011 when I went with my older sister, nephew and roommate. We had the best time. We were in NYC for 4th of July. It was heaven. NO TRAFFIC. We parked right in front of the Marriott near Bryant Park FOR FREE! Shopping was heaven. Saks has up to 70% off. I bought my nieces and nephews a few RL caps, shirts, shoes. Belts for myself and even got a Ferragamo wallet from the Ferragmo store. We walked from Central Park back to our hotel. Ate 2 lunches in a row, one restaurant after next. My sister thought I was crazy. All of that eating, I did not gain a pound because all the walking. My nephew got to go up the Empire State building finally. One of the most memorable events was GROUND ZERO and see one of the Freedom Plaza going up. It was our country’s most patriot moment that I’ve experienced.


NYC Relief2-4 NYC Relief 2-2 NYC Relief 2-1

NYC Relie f2- 3

NYC Relief2-5 NYC Relief2-6

NYC FAO Shwarz

NYC FAO Shwarz



NYC 2011 with Sister and Nephew

NYC 2011 with Sister and Nephew


  1. bernardb23

    YES! no traffic! 🙂 it’s a shame we were robbed the chance to meet up because of that damn VA/DC/MD traffic! 😦 if you happen to be in NYC again, just holla at me, I will see you & maybe take you around. you didn’t erase my number, did you? 🙂 I will email you my picture so u wont get scared at me 😉

  2. hongluong72

    I was really looking forward to meeting BOTH time we planned. No! I didn’t erase your number. I told Cordell I have a good feeling about you. I NEVER trade a USA mug for an international one but with you, I made exceptions! I do go to NYC at least once a yr. I went this 4th of July with my sister who was visiting from California..the best shopping bc of all the sales! The firerworks were awesome there and NO traffic and free parking on the street!!

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