AUSTRALIA Australia common
AUSTRALIA Australia Christmas 11076876 common
AUSTRALIA Brisbane common
AUSTRALIA Gold Coast common
AUSTRALIA Melbourne common
AUSTRALIA Sydney common
AUSTRIA Austria 11077439 common
AUSTRIA Salzburg 117072479 common
AUSTRIA Vienna 11059201 common
BELGIUM Brussels 11062043 common
CAMBODIA Phnom Penh 11065810 common
CAMBODIA Phnom Penh Christmas common
CAMBODIA Siem Reap 11078721 common
CANADA Whistler 11023967 common
CHINA Beijing 11083308 common
CHINA Changsha 11083328 common
CHINA Chengdu 11083329 common
CHINA Chongqing 11083330 common
CHINA Dalian 11083309 common
CHINA Guangzhou 11083310 common
CHINA Hangzhou 435859 common
CHINA Hangzhou Christmas common
CHINA Harbin 11083311 common
CHINA Hongkong 11065635 common
CHINA Hongkong Christmas common
CHINA Jinan 11083312 common
CHINA Kunming 11083331 common
CHINA Macau 11065636 common
CHINA Macau Christmas common
CHINA Nanjing 435860 common
CHINA Nanjing Christmas common
CHINA Nanning 11083332 common
CHINA Ningbo 435862 common
CHINA Sanya 11083333 common
CHINA Shanghai 435864 common
CHINA Shanghai Christmas common
CHINA Shenyang 11083314 common
CHINA Shenzhen 11083315 common
CHINA Suzhou 435861 common
CHINA Tsingtao 11083313 common
CHINA Wuhan 11083334 common
CHINA Wuxi 435863 common
CHINA Xiamen 11083316 common
CHINA Xian 11083335 common
CZECH REPUBLIC Prague 11059102 common
CZECH REPUBLIC Prague Christmas I 11063855 uncommon
CZECH REPUBLIC Prague Christmas II 11076703 common
DENMARK Copenhagen 11059106 common
ENGLAND Birmingham 11064643 common
ENGLAND England 11077442 common
ENGLAND Liverpool 11072487 common
ENGLAND London 11059098 common
ENGLAND London Christmas I 11063851 uncommon
ENGLAND London Christmas II common
ENGLAND Manchester 11072486 common
ENGLAND Newcastle upon Tyne 11072490 common
ENGLAND Oxford 11072488 common
FRANCE Cannes 11064640 common
FRANCE France 11077438 common
FRANCE Marseille 11072494 common
FRANCE Nantes 11060497 common
FRANCE Paris 11059097 common
FRANCE Paris Christmas I 11063853 uncommon
FRANCE Paris Christmas II 11076698 common
FRANCE Strasbourg 11060598 common
FRANCE Toulouse 11064642 common
GERMANY Berlin 11059099 common
GERMANY Berlin Christmas I 11063852 common
GERMANY Berlin Christmas II 11076700 common
GERMANY Dresden 11072493 common
GERMANY Duesseldorf 11074020 common
GERMANY Frankfurt 11062040 common
GERMANY Hamburg 11062041 common
GERMANY Koeln 11072480 common
GERMANY Muenchen 11059103 common
GERMANY Nurnberg 11077435 common
GERMANY Ramstein 11064644 common
GERMANY Stuttgart common
GREECE Athens 11059104 common
GREECE Mykonos 11062039 common
HUNGARY Budapest 11062038 common
INDIA Mumbai 11078722 common
JAPAN Japan common
KAZAKHSTAN Astana 11064650 common
KUWAIT Kuwait 01106629x common
MALAYSIA Cameron Highlands common
MALAYSIA Kuching 11075684 common
MOROCCO Casablanca 11069147 common
MOROCCO Marrakech 11069146 common
NETHERLANDS Amsterdam 11029132 common
NETHERLANDS Amsterdam Christmas 11076699 common
NETHERLANDS Den Haag 11077432 common
NETHERLANDS Netherlands 11077441 common
NETHERLANDS Roermond 11074930 common
NEW ZEALAND Queenstown common
NEW ZEALAND Queenstown Christmas common
NORWAY Oslo 11062037 common
PHILIPPINES Bacolod 11070233 common
PHILIPPINES Baguio common
PHILIPPINES Batangas 11070234 common
PHILIPPINES Boracay 11070232 common
PHILIPPINES Bulacan 11069092 common
PHILIPPINES Cagayan de Oro 11069094 common
PHILIPPINES Cebu 11069096 common
PHILIPPINES Cebu Christmas 3000108 common
PHILIPPINES Davao 11069097 common
PHILIPPINES Iloilo 11070231 common
PHILIPPINES Makati 11070209 common
PHILIPPINES Manila 11069101 common
PHILIPPINES Manila Christmas 3000109 common
PHILIPPINES Pampanga 11069098 common
PHILIPPINES Philippines 11070168 common
PHILIPPINES Philippines Christmas 11076880 common
PHILIPPINES Quezon City 11069099 common
PHILIPPINES Tagaytay 11069100 common
PORTUGAL Lisboa 11072477 common
PORTUGAL Porto common
RUSSIA Moscow 11059105 common
RUSSIA Moscow Christmas I 11063854 common
RUSSIA Moscow Christmas II 11076702 common
RUSSIA St. Petersburg 11064647 common
SCOTLAND Aberdeen 11072489 common
SCOTLAND Edinburgh 11062036 common
SCOTLAND Glasgow 11074027 common
SINGAPORE Singapore Christmas 11076889 common
SINGAPORE Singapore I 11065637 common
SINGAPORE Singapore II 11065638 common
SOUTH AFRICA Cape Town common
SOUTH AFRICA Durban common
SOUTH AFRICA Johannesburg 11059113 common
SOUTH AFRICA Pretoria 11062583 common
SPAIN Barcelona 11059100 common
SPAIN Madrid 11059105 common
SPAIN Madrid Christmas common
SWEDEN Stockholm 11059107 common
SWEDEN Stockholm Christmas 11077293 common
SWITZERLAND Lucerne 11074022 common
SWITZERLAND Switzerland 11077440 common
SWITZERLAND Zurich 11072481 common
TAIWAN Kaohsiung common
TAIWAN Taichung common
TAIWAN Tainan common
TAIWAN Taipei common
TAIWAN Taipei Christmas common
TAIWAN Taiwan common
TAIWAN Taiwan Christmas common
THAILAND Thailand 11071549 common
THAILAND Thailand Christmas common
TURKEY Adana common
TURKEY Ankara 11072484 common
TURKEY Antalya common
TURKEY Bodrum 11064645 common
TURKEY Istanbul 11059109 common
TURKEY Istanbul Christmas common
TURKEY Izmir 11064646 common
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Dubai 11062989 common
VIETNAM Hanoi 11065630 common
VIETNAM Ho Chi Minh City 11065631 common
VIETNAM Vietnam 11065633 common
VIETNAM Vietnam Christmas common
WALES Caerdydd 11072378 common



  1. Janice Dewar

    I have collected Starbucks mugs from all over the world and was so disappointed when I went to two Starbucks stores in Mazatlan Mexico and they didn’t have any!

    • Hong Luong

      Italy never had a Starbucks store until just recently so there is a chance for some Italy mugs!

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