September 4, 2014

After over 8 years of waiting for this mug, my sister-in-law gave me a set last night! I am going to make a new post, my first this year about it!! 


Bahamas Bahamas-3 Bahamas-2 Bahamas-1Bahamas-4




This was the FIRST Caribbean island that I went to. I had no idea it was that close to where I live, about 2 hrs flight. I don’t remember seeing a Starbucks on the island and the island was really small, it was Grand Bahama Island, not Naussa.  Hopefully, someone will bring me back a mug since I have no desire to travel to islands anymore.

The memorable experience was us renting bikes and riding on the island.  Lucky for me, I fell and I still have a a little scar on my right as memory. I have an addiction to biking now. Washington DC has a lot of beautiful trails that takes you everywhere in all the popular landmarks. It’s much faster to get around the city, or anywhere in the metropolitan area on a bike. We are SPOILED with beautiful trails here. DC just gets better by the day and I am always so relieved to have grown up here. As a kid, I used to bike on my BMX from where I live to Old Town and the trails seem so high and long but now, it’s just about 30 minutes to get there! Childhood memories are the best and I am so glad to grow up in the 80s where kids actually go into the streets and play with each other, SEE each other and have real life interactions. There are no such things as ‘playdate’. If we wanted to hang out, we just go out into the streets and eventually, someone will come out and play football, kick ball, freeze tag, monkey in the middle, dodgeball.  Of course we lived in a no thru- street so that helps but some that lives in a cote-de-sac, I still don’t see kids on the streets. Of course, that has to do a lot with mental people lurking out in the neighborhood to do harm to the children. I don’t want to end this gorgeous memory on a down note so let me end my ranting!







  1. Chris

    where did she get this mug from? Is there a Starbucks in Freeport?
    I will be there soon and it would be fantastic if i could grab one of these there.

    Best regards

  2. Francine Lynn

    I was just there at Paradise Island and they didn’t have any of these mugs. Just plain Starbucks mugs. 😦

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