Starbucks City Mugs



Thank you Dan for sharing your picture at


  1. ERICK MALLARI on said:

    Comment on INTERNATIONAL TUMBLERS, New Zealand, Auckland, North Island and South Islands were under EUROPE rather than categorized with Australians….

  2. Franny on said:

    so cool .. may i know how u can collect them all?😀

  3. Kharen on said:

    hi. would you like to trade for vancouver and canada tumbler?

  4. How much did these tumblrs cost in euro when you bought them ?

    • Hong Luong on said:

      I never bought any international tumblers. All were given as gifts and the rest belong to another collector who let me use his pictures for this blog. Thanks.

  5. marlina on said:

    Hi, do you mind telling me where can I get the tumbler? I mean the city / countries tumbler like on the pictures. I have difficulties. Maybe you can give me an advice. Thanks

    • Hong Luong on said:

      The only way to get these mugs are from the city they are from or you can try to buy them on Ebay or Amazon. People do sell them online.

      • marlina on said:

        But it’s hard to find one tho. Is it only online? Because I tried to find one when I was in Washington, could not find any.

    • Samantha on said:

      If you want the Singapore one, I am willing to sell it to you at cost price + shipping. Do let me know by replying here.

  6. Hong Luong on said:

    Marlina, all the global Icons in USA have been discontinued that’s why you couldn’t find it. That includes tumblers…

  7. Where can I get the Canada and Mexico tumblers from America, or which website can I buy it from? Thx

  8. Where can I buy this canada tumbler?

  9. Emily Gerona on said:

    Are you selling these tumbler in the picture can i buy your toronto and paris tumbler

    • Hong Luong on said:

      These are not my tumblers. I have other tumblers available for sale if you’re interested. Please email me. Thanks.

  10. michael calma on said:

    Yeah i do. Wanna buy lets talk

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