My roommate somehow found out we have a neighbor that lives in France so she brought me back this France and Paris mug!! AMAZING!!!! I know some people that go there but didn’t feel comfortable enough to ask them to bring them back for me. I know what a pain it is to bring them back and the airlines are just charging for every little piece of baggage.


France France-3 France-2 France-1France-4


  1. Sebastien

    Hello everybody, there’s a new starbucks that will open in Lille France in 2 month or so and a new cup will probably be created. I think it will be the Grand’Place design:

    I have the possibility to send cups and mugs to whoever would like for a good price or for trades. I would love to get some american mugs. I unfortunately had to get rid of them when I moved to Europe.

    Message me if interested.


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