Jakarta- Jakarta-3 Jakarta-2 Jakarta-1



I got this through a trade with JAYBEE! I got 2 international mugs for my USA mugs. I think mugs from Asia are about the same..maybe a little more than the mugs in the US but Europe mugs are about 2x as much as ours! I don’t trade overseas because the shipping is just too expensive! Not only that, there are so many mugs in Europe as well. Even the folks from there said it was very expensive to trade. I think if I was living in Europe, I would go to the countries and get them myself. I have gone to a lot of the places in America to get my mugs and traveling can be extremely eventful when you have a goal in mind!


  1. Dyah Susilowati

    How can I order this Mug? I need to order 37 Starbucks mug Jakarta Series… please let me know how to get it befor 3th July 2014

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