Los Cabos 1 & 2

los cabos 1-3






Los-Cabos Los-Cabos-3 Los-Cabos-2 Los-Cabos-1





June 18, 2012

I have been busy taking pictures with all my purchases from Carol on Ebay so now, I am finally finding some time to BLOG!! This is my first Icon mug from Mexico. Just when I started to seriously collect mugs, I stop going to Cancun! I guess I figured since I brought back 13 mugs on the last trip, I don’t need to buy anymore! I decided today to do a road trip this summer, probably to Montreal. Cordell is my partner in everything so that means we will make the trip together. Yesterday was Father’s Day. We took my dad to Pasara for lunch and walked around Kingstowne, Alexandria. I bought my first house here back in 1999. It’s my favorite townhouse  and now my mom lives there when since she bought it from me.  The view in the back is amazing, all the trees have grown and behind the trees is a golf course. VA is very GREEN. I love it. Mother nature can grow here since we have rain quite often. Our four seasons helps with my ADD. Obviously, OCD takes over when it comes to mugs because I am constantly on the blog these day!!


Father’s Day in Kingstowne

Father’s Day in Kingstowne

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