August 19, 2014


It is just as important to keep your mugs safe, and decorative (or not), as it is to collect them. I had the unfortunate incident of having an earthquake in the Washington DC area. Fortunately, only one mug was damage, my SHANGHAI mug!! Many on the Facebook pages ask how for ideas to display mugs. I have mine scattered all over the house because I have a tiny townhouse. Most of my mugs are kept in cabinets or boxes, just in case of another earthquake! However, I do like having the mugs displayed in a glass cabinets, which gets more attention than any other decoration in the house!

This is a cheap glass cabinet from Ikea, $64.99.  Source .

I have 2 of them in my house but of course, I would need like 10 for all the mugs but 2 will do and the rest are in a ‘SAFE’ place throughout the house.


Here are some ideas from the other muggers, taken from the Facebook page.




Obviously, this is not the way to display but I love this mugger’s creative idea of sharing their mugs with us! 








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