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December 16, 2014

I am thrilled to see that so many traders are benefiting from this blog and the Facebook page for trading and information purposes. I created the Facebook page as a place where traders can come and meet each other and trade mugs or to find information freely. That is why it’s a page and not a closed group where there are admins that helps to address any issues and concerns and post rules to their group. That is a wonderful idea but unfortunately for me, I don’t have the time to upkeep the blogs, and the Facebook page. As strangers across the world meeting each other through a shared passion, trading is on an honor system. Granted, once in a while, we get a ‘bad’ trader. Some are just basic cheaters that know we love to collect mugs and will prey on our addiction of collecting and would deceive and steal our mugs. Therefore, please be extremely careful when trading with someone for the first time. Make sure you ask for reference or simply, just chat with them and get a feeling that they are who the say they are. Be PATIENT and get to know your trader. Don’t let your desperation for mugs blind you in the process. Always remember that THERE WILL ALWAYS BE ANOTHER TRADER with those mugs because our hobbies are growing with traders every day. Visit the Facebook page where traders recommend people they have traded with on the page. The ones that traders have a negative experience with, they will also share those on the page as well.

This addiction is very costly but the minute the mugs we want are in our hands, it’s like Christmas all over again so the effort is worth it. Many people make friends along the way so not only would you get a mug, you also get an unexpected kindness on the other end. WE all can make a wonderful experience of out the work we put forth as long as we are HONEST and HONORABLE in our trading practices!

HAVE FUN TRADING AND PLEASE SHARE YOUR MEANINGFUL OR UNDESIRABLE EXPERIENCE WITH EVERYONE! Chances are, you aren’t the only one…just as you have witness the rapid traders that are popping out from all over the world!!



  1. Inara

    I’ll become a trader! I live in Toronto, frequently travel to Niagara Falls. I’m currently looking for San Francisco. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks!!

  2. Mary

    I am in Southern California; I’d love to start trading! I can supply Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and Las Vegas all relatively quickly…

    • Jeremy Gibson

      Hey Mary, I would love to trade you for Orange County and San diego,
      Im not sure what you would like, but im in Calgary , I can get Calgary, Edmonton, Banff very easily and also heading to Phoenix soon and then Mexico. 🙂 talk soon

      • hongluong72


        I like a Calgary and Edmonton mug to complete my Canada collection! I can give you Orange County and San Diego for them.


      • marian

        hi my name is marian i live in the neterlands an ddo you have still banff to trade p;ease let me know

    • wingo

      Helo, are you still have the mug of San Diego? I can trade you the mug of Vancouver or Vancouver Island or Canada.

    • Ayen

      Hi Mary, just wondering where can I buy the Las Vegas tumbler? My cousin is going to Las Vegas next month and i want ask hmif he can buy me. Thanks for your help!

  3. Marcus

    Hi there!

    I do have a chengdu mug for trade? Would you be willing to trade it for a Alaska mug?

    Please do let me know what you think.

    Thanks and God bless 🙂

  4. Matt Lu

    I am in Taiwan and will have Biz trip to China monthly; I’d love to start trading! If you need Taiwan or China Series, we can discuss detail by e-mail.

    • Jaybeeh

      Hi Matt,

      I’m up for trading any of my UK mugs with your Taiwan or China mugs:D Let me know if you need any..Thanks

      • Matt Lu

        Hi Jaybeeh,
        It’s nice to meet you. I’m interesting but please be aware that I already have some deal with others and will finished within this month. If possible, could we discuss detail next month and wish we can have a happy exchange for both.
        Any, please feel free to let me know. You also can pass your request to directly.

      • SantaFox

        Of course you can 🙂 Unfortunately I have my collection divided into two parts, in Moscow and Cyprus home, so I’m waiting to combine it all together and make a great photo 🙂

        Hong, in my free time I’m working on (another one in the Universe!) site with online catalogue and collection. So I hope to bring alpha version online soon (with database filled for ’08 series) and plan to invite as much as possible users for testing 🙂

  5. hongluong72

    Dmitry! You are sooo COOL!! Yes! Do it! I am sure you will have a group of people for testing!! Just post it on FB and then here. I will put together the list of emails of people that came through here and email them out when you need them. I am sure they are excited to see it. My blog is OK but it got their attention so I am sure yours will blow everyone away!!

    • hongluong72


      Thank you for stopping by to visit. There are many Europeans that collect mugs too and just like us in the US, we love it when we get a mug from Europe! I am waiting to get an England and London mug. I can’t wait!!

      • bernardb23

        hi hong

        i’m currently working out my london/england mugs too with a friend out there… it won’t hurt to double my order 🙂 let me know if you still need that couple.


  6. Jeremy Gibson

    I would love to do some trading, Netherlands, Orange County, San Diego, China,
    I am able to supply, Calgary Alberta, Banff, Edmonton, Possible arizona, and Las Vegas, Mexico very soon… Reply to email is anyone is wanting to do some trading..

  7. VAL

    Hi, Im Val from the Philippines. I can provide MANILA PHILIPPINES. Other icons here are: CEBU, BAGUIO, TAGAYTAY, BORACAY, BACOLOD, PAMPANGA, CAGAYAN DE ORO, ILOILO, DAVAO.
    Do you also trade for TUMBLERS? I only collect tumblers that’s why. Lemme Know. Thanks! 🙂

    • hongluong72

      Good morning from Washington DC!

      Yes! I do collect tumblers! I have some to trade as well. However ,I am looking to get mugs first before I get tumblers. I am in need of a lot of Philippines mugs. In order to make the shipping worth it, we will have to work out a bigger trade! Let me know what you think!!

    • Jaybeeh

      Hi Val (kababayan),

      Im JB from Philippines but I live in London UK now. I don’t have ANY of our Philippines series, I wondered if you’re interested to trade with my UK series? Please let me know. Thanks

  8. lusi

    i just started to collect starbucks city tumblers (now i only have 3 : japan, tokyo, madrid). i’m in jakarta, indonesia. if anyone want to trade with jakarta, yogyakarta, bali, please contact me 🙂



        I’m Christian from Jakarta, anyone from Indonesia whose trading. By the way, I will be in HK in april 22, I have a Indonesia and KL mug 16oz and Manila + philippines demitasse mug for trade, anyone interested?

  9. lusi

    oops, i forgot,
    also if anyone want the one from singapore, maybe i can help.
    next month will go to south korea and hope i can find “korea” too.
    i love to trade with any tumbler from america or europe.

  10. Lawrence Chin

    Hello City Traders!

    I just found this site and hope to trade with all of you! Is anyone looking for San Francisco or California Mugs?

    So far all I have is San Francisco, California, Hong Kong, China, And Dallas. Looking for more!

  11. behrensmr

    I am looking for architecture series mugs that are still in stores. If anyone see architecture mugs, please post where. I am in Los Angeles and have noticed that the Burbank / Van Nuys Starbucks still has LA architecture series mugs.

    • hongluong72

      I didn’t know they still have architecture series around. 08 is when Global series came out and that’s 4 years ago. I know they sell fake ones on ebay from China but didn’t know we still carry them in US. If I see them, will definitely get it for you!

  12. wingo

    Hello, i would like to be the one of this list. I’m live in Vancouver, Canada. I can supply Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Canada, sometimes i can supply Seattle n Pike Place Market.

  13. Jaybeeh

    Hello everyone. I am in London I do travel around United Kingdom. I have just started collecting Starbucks mugs and I’d love to start trading! If you need Northern Ireland + Belfast/ England + London/ Scotland + Edinburgh or Glasgow/ Wales + Cardiff or any UK series please let me know we can discuss detail by e-mail. Thank You

  14. Jaybeeh

    Hi Hong,
    I also would like to join in the list of traders. I can trade mugs which are United Kingdom series….I have join already your FB page and sent private message there.Thanks..

  15. hongluong72


    I love your energy! I already added you. There is a tab for Starbucks Traders. I have your information on there. Let me know if you want me to make any changes. Thanks! Happy Easter!

    • Jaybeeh


      lol here…I must be obsessed now!honestly,I’m stuck here waiting for traders who are willing to trade with any UK series:D excited at the same time!thanks btw, i just saw the tab:D

  16. hongluong72


    We from the USA like to trade international as well but we like to trade more than one to make the shipping cost worth it! However, we have to make sure the trader is honest! That is the trickery part! Make sure you email and feel comfortable before sending mugs out to them! You may not get any back!

  17. Joe

    Hi! I’m a Starbucks mug collector as well. I live in Portland, Oregon and would be happy to trade mugs. I am trying to find an Istanbul, Turkey mug —- went there a little while ago but didn’t’ get a chance to pick up a mug! If anyone has access to an Istanbul mug, please do let me know!

  18. Tita Baidan

    Hi! I just started collecting in the last 6 months. I am from Vancouver, and would love to start trading cups. I can trade Vancouver, Canada, Vancouver Island.

  19. Laurie

    I am new to your site… Been collecting for the last year. I would LOVE to trade for mugs I don’t have… I live in the Seattle area so Seattle, Pike Place, Vancouver and occasionally Portland mugs are easy to get to trade… 🙂

      • hongluong72

        Hi Diego!
        I think you are also on the FB page! Welcome to my world of blogging! This blog is a little easier to navigate than the FB page. There are so many mugs all the time, it’s fun to keep up and share with everyone what you have!

      • wingo

        thank you so much!!!! actually, im in mexico now. However, there are no more PLAYA DE CARMEN mug in store, even i aske SEVEN stores, same as MEXICO mug. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Alejandro Gomez

        I am from Mexico and have Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Cozumel and Puerto Vallarta and I can ship them for you, I would like to trade some, please let me know.

  20. hongluong72

    I heard they are hard to find now. I really got lucky with the older series when I got 5 mugs from downtown Cancun.

  21. wingo

    ya… maybe too many ppl come here!!!!! i just can found two CANCUN mugs… the LAST two!!!! i will go COZUMEL tmr, hope i can find it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hongluong72

      Good luck Wingo! Keep us posted! I thought no one was going there because it was not so safe but I guess people don’t care!

  22. Nicole

    I’m interested in joining the group. I live in Washington D.C., but I have trips planned to South Florida and Chicago.

    • hongluong72

      Welcome Nicole! Please feel free to email anyone on the list and trade with them! If you browse through the blog, some are coming to DC and visit so they can bring you mugs from their country and trade it with our USA mugs! Those are the best trades, in person! I live close to DC as well!

  23. hongluong72

    Nicole! Please reach out to any of us. We can share our experiences with you so you know what to look for and to avoid!

  24. Nicole

    Yeah, it is pretty cool. We should have a D.C. social since there are a few of us in the area. I’ve been up here for two years and its been nice being in such a great area. I’ll let you know if I go anywhere that you haven’t gotten a mug for.

  25. hongluong72

    Nicole, I did create a meetup for it but there was not enough members so I canceled it. I think people are too busy here to meet up. There are just too much going on all the time!

  26. Nicole

    Time flies so fast that there is never enough time during the day to get things done so I completely understand.

  27. Antonio

    Hingluong 72,
    I am from the Philippines.. I can trade you with mini mugs, demitasse mugs from Cebu and Manila, Philippines

  28. Jody

    Hi –
    I’m looking for the London, Paris and Amsterdam relief mugs. I live in San Francisco and can purchase whatever you want from Starbucks here to trade. Happy 4th of July!

    • hongluong72

      HI Jody!
      Feel free to reach out to anyone on the list that might have the mugs you are looking for.
      Happy 4th of July!

  29. Nicole

    Hey hongluong72,

    I am currently in Boston and noticed that one of the Starbucks in the area sells the relief mug which I am not sure if you have. Please let me know if you want me to grab you one as I am in Boston until Monday. Just send me an email.


  30. Pat O'

    Can get New York and Hamptons, looking to trade with anyone. Please let me know if your interested.

    Thank you,


    • thesportygirl

      Hello fellow collectors! I am a business traveler so I am able to buy from different areas….mainly on the west coast. I am looking for a few myself. Athens, Detroit, and Peru to name a Few. I have a rule to only collect from places I have been. Let me know if you have any of these. I currently have 23 mugs, and just found a new series that has come out called the You are here series! These are already being put on EBay but I can get and trade these.

  31. L Austin


    I recently joined the facebook group in search of specific tumblers.
    I would like to offer to trade. I live in Hawaii and thus have access to all Hawaii Starbucks merchandise. Let me know if you are in need of one! Thanks. 🙂

    • hongluong72

      Hi!Thanks! Please post on the FB page if you haven’t already. I am sure someone will need Hawaii merchandise as well.

  32. Alejandro Gomez

    Hello, I am Alejandro from Mexico and I have been collecting city mugs for 8 years now and have a collection of about 80 different mugs. I have some repeated ones, so I want to make some tradings. I would like to offer Tokyo, Mexico city, Puerto Vallarta, China, Tianjing, Houston, and Cancun. Please tell me if any of you are interested.

  33. Joe

    I would like to file a complaint against Michelle Fong who has made a very unacceptable remarks aboout the Philippines. She has generalized that all scammers are from the Philippines. This is a far out cry considering that we are already in the year 2019! If she has nothing good to say or not even a victim of any sort then she should not comment especially giving a name without “facts”! This issue can be brought to higher courts if we wish to buy that would be unnecessary. She should be educated!!!

    • Hong Luong

      If I find her comments on this site, I will remove it. It’s very unacceptable to be racist. Many of the traders that I have traded in the past are from the Philippines whom I have become friends with and are very generous. Thank you for your comments. If you can find her comments and send me a link, I will delete it and ban her.

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