1. Banff 
2. Calgary 
3. Canada
4. Edmonton
5. Montréal
6. Niagara Falls
7. Quebec
8. Toronto 
9. Vancouver 
10. Vancouver Island
11. Whistler 


  1. Scott Sponder

    I’m STILL waiting for an Ottawa city mug! It’s the capital of the country, for goodness sake. I have two friends who collect your mugs and I want to give them remembrances of Ottawa. You told me two years ago that it was a good idea. What happened?

  2. MJ Castro

    same here …its the CAPITAL OF THE COUNTRY and its the only one Starbucks don’t make!It doesnt makes sense.

  3. Michele Rosario-Chan

    Hello Starbucks… Scott Sponder in 2015 said you told him it was a good idea 2 yrs before, so in 2013 !!!
    What did happen??? It’s now 2017
    You really make an OTTAWA mug, since it’s the Nation’s Capital, and it’s Canada’s 150th Birthday and so much is happening in Ottawa because of it this year. It would be an Awesome BIRTHDAY PRESENT !!

  4. James M

    Hello Starbucks – How about a Kingston Ontario mug? Ottawa is the capital now but Kingston (The “Limestone City”) was Canada first :-).
    I used to live in Toronto. My wife and I would buy 2-4 mugs to keep for friends and family to have as take home keepsakes. The mugs are a lovely gift and people really like them.

    SO – Please, when you place the order for Ottawa (HELLO – Long over due … IMHO), how about a 1/2 order for Kingston. PS – I bet K-Town sells out faster. LOL

    • Michele Chan

      Good luck with that Kingston Mug , I wouldn’t hold my breath since it’s been 3 yrs since the 1st msg and I even email this Cus Svc who said they’d forward it on and heard NOTHING WHAT SO EVER back

      • Michele Chan

        I still see Starbucks ‘Canada’ mugs just not of this style, more of the city style in the Stores and there probably will be out in force again in the summer time when people travel and like to collect them as souvenirs

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