Paul Revere’s Backyard!

Boston with SOOK

I got this with Sook on my first trip to Boston.  It was such a pleasant trip. Boston is so quaint and so historical. We did everything in 2 days. We went to Paul Revere’s house, MIT, Harvard, Boston Tea Party….and did all of Boston. It’s very walkable unlike NYC.  I like to go back there one day since it’s only about 1 hr and 15 min to fly there from Virginia. We stayed at the Marriott which was right near the airport and we could just take the metro from the airport to the hotel. It’s also very clean and clear. We must have been lucky to go when the weather was really nice. Maybe when I go back, I like to see if we could go to Providence town or Martha’s Vineyard.

December 15, 2011

I finally got my Boston mug! Coincidentally, I just went out to celebrate my birthday with Sook, hers is a few days before mine, and Cordell brought this home for me! He said his contractor had to fight another customer to get it because they had only 3 and the other guy wanted all 3 mugs! GREEDY..but I don’t blame him!! Sook and I had a great time. Sook drank and then was a little buzz and came to my house and gave me a haircut! She’s like..’you know I am cutting your hair while I am drunk right?’. I replied ‘yes, I know’. Nothing is new but the memories are always so endearing. I LOVE my haircut!

Boston Boston-4 Boston-3 Boston-2 Boston-1


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