Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen Back

Cancun with the Girls

Girls Cancun Trip

This was one of the 5 mugs Cordell and I got in our ONE trip to Cancun. We were there twice together and I went 5x altogether! Each time was different experience and all wonderful regardless. I am afraid of what the sun is doing to me so I’ve stopped sun bathing so I will look as white as a ghost for the next 5-10 yrs or maybe forever. I am hoping the pastely pale look will be back again like it was in the early 90s…or maybe it’s because I didn’t tan and I thought it was in!

2 of the girls in this trip are mothers now, so not sure when we will able about to make another trip back to maybe a different island. They asked if they would ever look like this after giving birth..


Ah, the joy of motherhood.


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