Cordell at Starbucks in Toronto

This was my first road trip since I was little. I went with my roommate and my girlfriend. It was so relaxing and fun. The heat wave was about the only that was not fun. We happened to catch the last day of Gay Pride in Toronto. I had no idea Toronto was that gay friendly.  Queen Elizabeth was in town that weekend too. This mug, was a pleasant surprise. One morning, I woke up and get my usual morning coffee. I decided to go to the Starbucks right next to the hotel, The Hudson Bay Company and found a handful of Canada mugs!! I was so happy so I bought one for myself and one to trade. Toronto is a lot of fun with a little of everything. Good food was just around the corner from our Marriott on Blor East St. My next road trip and destination will probably be Province Town and Montreal via Boston!!

Canada Canada-3 Canada-2 Canada-1




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