NEW JERSEY & Ornament

December 14, 217

I totally forgot about this mug! My roommate and his parents went to NYC and stop by that rest area and brought me a whole bunch of mugs from that area.  New Jersey holds good memories for me. It’s when I went with my older sister and her son and we stayed in NJ to catch the ferry to see the statue of liberty. My nephew was so young but in 2 years, he will graduate from college. 



  1. Bailey

    New Jersey mug. What are the different landmarks? I just went there and got the mug for my collection and there is a castle on the mug. My jersey friends have no idea what it is and some website said it might be Medieval Times? However, I live in California and we have Medieval Times out there too! Please help, we are SUPER curious about what it is!

    Thank You,
    West Coast Wife

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