Authentic Mugs

May 17, 2012

Many people are catching on that we are obsessed about Starbucks mugs so they get it and sell it on Ebay. If you notice that there are a few Ebay stores that have all sorts of different series of mug but the are all shipped from the same location, somewhere in mainland China! BE AWARE!! Most mugs are usually shipped from the destine location, and if not, maybe one or two of the current series but not older ones! They are NOT around and they are RARE if they are in NEW condition! Most of them are used if people are selling from Ebay but if they are new, they just have a few here and there. The best thing is try to ask for the SKU number and go to a site that is reliable. Starbuck traders will send you a SKU number of the latest mugs!

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Older bottoms of different series mugs from my collection!


  1. Cory Shrigley

    Hi there, its great to see your collection. I was just in the Philippines and have started my own collection. I was in Tagaytay and Boracay and made the mistake of not buying mugs there. Now I am trying to get a hold of them. Bought mugs from Cebu and Manila. What is the best way of collecting these? I’m watching on ebay right now. If there is a city in Canada that I can help you out with, I will try. I am in Saskatoon. Take care and talk soon,

    Cory Shrigley

    Saskatoon, Canada

    • hongluong72

      There is an icon to the right for the FB page. You can us there or do a search on Google for Starbucks City mugs..

  2. Arny

    Hi all. Best place in the Philippines to get Starbucks mugs is of all places…Caticlan Airport. There was atleast 20 different ones on the shelf, mostly YAH and some CITY mugs.

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