1. Kim

    I am interested in purchasing a Cairo mug for my boyfriend for his birthday. We have started up a small collection but didn’t get one while we were there. How much are they and are you interested in trading in the future? I work for an airline so I travel fairly often

    • hongluong72

      I believe the might be the same as USA mugs, around ten dollars. European mugs may cost more for some places, like Sweden, but this may be the same as USA mugs. I am not quite sure yet. There are traders on other groups. Once I get a name, I will let you know. If you haven’t liked our FB page already, please do so so we can easily send you a message through there. You will also find more traders on there. Again, please be careful and make sure you ask around before trading overseas! We want you have a wonderful experience like most of us!

  2. Sharon Hirst

    I too am looking for a mug from Egypt. I didn’t have an opportunity to get one when I was there. Actually, I asked several people about Starbucks and they didn’t seem to know what I was talking about. I just saw 4 mugs on ebay and they were selling for $100+. Anyone know where I can purchase one less expensive?

    • hongluong72

      Unfortunately, those mugs are considered ‘hard to find’ mugs and only ebay will sell them so they can be pretty expensive. Some of us trade mugs but for those mugs, it might be hard to get a trader that would trade those mugs with you.

  3. Mahmoud Omar

    Hi there, I’m here in Mansoura- Egypt. But we don’t have starbucks here, I would like to get 4 mugs…
    Please advise if there is any near by branch to buy from.


  4. George Vallone

    I’m in the cardio airport and the only collectible I wanted after my 14 day trip in Egypt was the Starbucks city mug! However to my surprise these were not available at any Starbucks location throughout the various cities I visited; Cairo, Luxor, Abu Simbel, Kukan. Not even at the airports were these mugs available. How can I obtain one.

    • Hong Luong

      Hi, I don’t have the mug. These pictures were from a friend. You may be able to find it on Ebay or amazon. Thanks!


    I am interested in purchasing 2 starbucks egypt mugs. I was just in egypt and couldn’t find them.


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