The first mug was brought back my a friend. The rest came from Ebay and purchased by Paypal and all. I think everyone has been to Hawaii but myself. I am too lazy to fly 13 hrs to lie in the sun where I can just fly 4 hours to the Caribbean. My aunt’s family went there back in the 80s. She found Guava on trees and decided to pick it and smuggle it back to Virginia. It was sitting her luggage for a week and by the time it got back here, it was all rotten and smelled all of her clothes and luggage. That’s Asians for you. We won’t smuggle drugs but we will smuggle food. It doesn’t matter that we have it here or that we can buy it but mentally, it’s better if we get it from elsewhere. If you ever go to Vietnam and back, you will see there is a separate line and you will see how the luggage gets all torn up by security because we just love to smuggle food back.  We’ve been here since over 30 years and Asian groceries are so popular and everywhere……so it’s a mystery to me what we love to put ourselves through ….

Hawaii Hawaii-3 Hawaii-2 Hawaii-1



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