Cruise with Family

Laguna Beach with my sister

Cruise with family

I got this through a trade but I have been to southern California, Aneheim, is where my sister lives. We went on a cruise, my first and probably last time. I don’t like to be confided in one space nor do I like to be out in the middle of the sea. Laguna beach was really nice. My high school friend took me to Huntington Beach at night but everything was closed so not much to see. We did make a trip down to Hollywood Blvd, not sure what I was expecting but maybe MORE???? All the glamour  I see on the opening day wasn’t quite the same without the movie stars!!

California California-4 California-3 California-2 California-1


    • hongluong72

      Just keeping back with Starbucks. Sometimes they just dont have it in stock. I got it thru a trade but my sister saw it at a starbucks in Palm Springs last yr.

    • hongluong72

      My sister got this for me at Palm Springs. You just have to keep checking back. Not all Starbucks have city mugs that you can buy. I know San Francisco have them….

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