July 28, 2012

I received 7 mugs from Miel, and they all are under United Kingdom. It may come as a shock to you but not to me, that I had no idea that all the countries that belongs to UK! So the queen of England, is also the queen of Northern Ireland, Scotland and maybe many smaller territories that I don’t know of! Therefore, I am going to have to create a new country!! So going on four years, soooo many mugs, new ones, old ones, that I have to re-categorize!


  1. Belfast
  2. Cardiff
  3. Cambridge
  4. Edinburgh
  5. England (William Shakespeare)
  6. England (Coat of Arms Seal)
  7. Glasgow
  8. London
  9. Manchester
  10. Northern Ireland
  11. Scotland
  12. Wales
  13. Oxford
  14. Liverpool


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