I am originally born in Asia, Vietnam to be specific. I can’t say I am a fan since I grew up in America and have been accustomed to the freedom and privilege of being a female American. I am not sure if some countries in Asia would be so liberal when it comes to being female. My apologies to Asians out there if you disagree. I love my culture and I love being Asian. However, I prefer to be an Asian American female as opposed to being an Asian female living in Asia. I believe that we can be more independent, are more respected and have more rights an American. For me, freedom is having the rights and being treated equally as your male counterpart. My vision and hope is that this would apply to all cultures in the world.


  1. Calbert

    Hi I’m collecting starbucks mug for countries. Are you selling yours? How much? I want to buy your Korea 🙂

    • Hong Luong

      Calbert, unfortunately, I am not selling any of my mugs because I don’t have any extras. Try looking on Amazon. Thanks!

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