Athens and Greece Demi Set

November 16, 2011

Trios! I love getting 3 mugs at one time! Yes,  I am very greedy. My roommate’s friend goes and visits his relatives in Greece every year and has graciously brought back a mug or 2 for the past two years. If I was not feeling well, I would have came out to meet him and thank him in person. What a generous and thoughtful person. I am truly blessed! I know Greece is not doing well with the economy and neither is Italy. It’s sad that the world’s economy is so unstable. If we lived a simple life, there wouldn’t be these sorts of issues. I’ve changed my view in life since I’ve started volunteering and try giving back to the community. Those are the true happiness that lasts, rather than buying a nice purse or watch. Even Bill Gates said he didn’t like what people thought about him when he was the richest man in the world and had teamed up with Warren Buffet to donate most of his wealth to charities. That’s just God speaking out and letting us know that with all the evil in the world, the ones that leaves a lasting and inspirational message are the angels that He put on earth to guide us through salvation and redemption.

Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in the world and it is a day when the world is at peace, filled with joy and love. I am glad that the French came to Vietnam and converted us to Catholics.


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