November 16, 2011

After being under the weather for over a week thanks to my laziness for NOT visiting my dentist regularly, my roommate brought me back this mug and a Greece and Athens minis!! All of the sudden, my sickness is gone! It’s not fun having your root canal redone but if you ever have to do it, I recommend a root canal specialist.  My endodontic redid my root canal in less than 40 minutes and no pain after! The first time was so painful afterwards and it wasn’t done correctly either! Yes, you have to pay a little more but it’s worth it!!

I love where I live. My general dentist is across the street. My doctor is around the corner and my endodontic is 10 minutes away. I don’t think I would religiously go if they weren’t that close! I love living in Fairfax!

The holidays is coming as well. Last week, I had my nieces and nephew come over and decorate the Christmas tree. Yes, ALREADY!! All that work, we have to enjoy for a LONG time! We are completely in the holiday spirits. I am hosting Thanksgiving Dinner this year too. We don’t eat turkey or the traditional American dinner. I am glad. I don’t it’s healthy to eat all that carbs! We will have Vietnamese crepe and Vietnamese grill beef/seafood instead. My roommate is such a wonderful baker! He will make banana nut bread, apple crisp and possible madeleine cookies! The mall will have midnight shopping but we usually are in food comma after all that food!




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