My sister loves PORTUGAL and has so many that has been there. She said the people are super friendly and nice and it’s one of the places that she would like to revisit, along with Barcelona.  I do want to go there one day, being that I am Catholic, would love to see the cathedrals and just how religious the country would be!



  1. Lisboa
  2. Lisbon – Discontinued
  3. Portugal with Cross
  4. Portugal without Cross

Lisboa Portugal Demi

June 5, 2018

My rommate’s boss got me this a few months ago. She seems so cool and nice. Actually, a lot of people he works with has gotten me a lot of mugs. He does so well at work and is so pleasant that naturally people are nice to him!  That means more mugs for me! KINDNESS DOES HAVE ITS REWARDS—–ALWAYS!!


portugal (2)portugal (3)portugal (4)portugal (5)portugal (1)

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