March 8, 2012

Cordell’s friend, Mark, brought this and the Taiwan mug for me from one of his trips to Asia. He loves Asia and has been to Vietnam before as well. I had dinner with him once at Thai Shirlington, the same place I had dinner with Rosa. He told Cordell that it was a lot of drama to get the Macau mug for me. He had to run in the rain and barely got the mug for me. He dragged his 4 coworkers with him as well. You have to take the ferry to this island from Hong Kong and Mark and his collegues almost miss the ferry back. I know the feeling of running all over the place to get the mugs. I can’t wait to tell you about the story how Rosa got my Dallas tumblers!! Now she knows why I keep a blog because the stories of how the mugs made its way back to me is just so hilarious and a lot more entertaining than the mugs themselves.

This mug was a lot of drama to get. You have to take the ferry to Macau from Hong Kong. While Mark was there, he COULD NOT find a Starbuck mug for me. Finally, he asked someone working there when he saw ONE mug standing around. He made 4 of his collegues run around looking for this mug and almost miss the ferry back. Hmmm..that could have ended the friendship with Cordell! Ha! Mark brought me back a China mug as well. Mark really likes Asia. I do too, just not to live there. If I weren’t a native, I might be ok going there so I don’t feel so much pain that the people suffer and did not know that they are suffering. We had a little discussion about Ho Chi Minh at dinner today. That man is a sick individual but he managed to brainwashed a whole country to believing in his ways of governing..stealing from the rich and keeping it to themselves. Not sure what stage of hell he is at right now but for sure, his friends, Sadam Hussaine, Hitler, Gaddifi are currently tearing at each other’s throats right now. That would be the best seller…

Macau is known for it’s casinos. I heard they are very impressive over there and I always wondered how they are compared to Las Vegas. The stereotype is that if on a holiday, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, if you go to the casinos, you will find mostly Asians there. We are known to have gambling blood running through our veins and also the revenge blood, hot tempered blood, ect..I could mention more….

My international collection is slowly growing…:-)

Macau Macau-3 Macau-2 Macau-1


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