I’ve never heard of this country before! It’s definitely a learning experience when I started to collect these mugs because I never care about geography. In America, I just know the eastcoast/westcoast states and maybe Florida! When I started my research, I was very confused, discouraged because there are soooooooooo many mugs from all over the world, I just figured I would NEVER get them all.   Now that I am slowly adding the mugs to my blog, I feel a little better. Although, I haven’t gotten them all, but  just organizing them and putting them into perspective, ONE country at a time, makes me feel less overwhelmed…



bahrain2 bahrain3bahrain4


  1. William

    This might is probably the rarest of the two Bahrain mugs. I was stationed in Bahrain back in 2010 -2011. This was during the Arab spring uprisings. During the protest, the Pearl monument (Pictured in the above mug) located at the Pearl Roundabout at the heart of Manama Bahrains financial district was the center of the demonstrators protests and it was their defining monument. The Bahraini government tore down the monument in March of 2011 to discourage the protests and in hopes of ending the demonstrations. Once the monument was removed the Bahraini government ordered all depictions of the moneument be removed from anything and everything and made it illegal for people to sell items with the monument on them. Shortly after the second of the two Bahrain mugs was created and sold at Starbucks within the country.

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