May 1, 2012

Rosa, this is for you AGAIN! I really got lucky with these. Just like how I found a whole bunch of different mugs at the Starbucks in Cancun, I found these 3 at ONE Starbucks. I just thought they were ODD looking because I know we are in America but these mugs don’t have America cities on them but since they are in a Starbucks store, they must be Starbucks mugs! I even remember asking if I could buy them! I know, so dorky but what did I know over ten years ago about these mugs other than you can get them from the cities you went to??

These are actually my favorite because of the texture and how big and quality they are. I couldn’t stand the Icon mugs when they came out but I grew to like them and my least favorite are the architecture series. I am glad they didn’t hang around long!!

Rosa’s 2 Italia ’94 Valentine Series

May 14, 2012

After talking to Rosa, I am motivated to find these. If anyone knows who has them and will sell or trade, please let me know!!



  1. Rosa Leung

    Hong: I’ll check on FO and see who’s trading these. But don’t be like me. I’m turning into a vampire, staying up all night watching eBay auctions for these vintage mugs and sleeping when the sun comes on. Infact, time to feed…where’s my V-Juice.

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