June 17, 2012


Father's Day in Kingstowne

Father’s Day in Kingstowne

Father's Day in Kingstowne

Father’s Day in Kingstowne

I started this blog as a way to keep track of all the SBX City Mugs that I am trying to collect. I would pick up a SBX city mugs from the cities I went to but then the obsession started 3 years ago after my trip to San Francisco with my friends. This was the beginning of what is to come and shockingly, many new friends and from ‘mugging’ along the way. I grew up around 5 miles from Washington DC and I now live around 10 miles from Washington DC. Everyday, I try to modify my blog so SBX city mugs collectors has a place where there is a centralized place for Global Icon Mugs. I don’t want to do all of the SBX city mugs out there, NOT JUST YET. I might once I have the time and have PERFECTED a good design for this blog. It’s been 3 years already and it is STILL a work in progress.

JUNE 10, 2012



Nappa Valley

Nappa Valley


SF Bay

August 5, 2011

I am surprised with the comments I’ve been receiving. I didn’t think anyone would find me so I mostly do it for myself and then to send to friends but I am happy if  I could find other Starbucks trader from this.  I am coming pretty close to getting all the USA Global Icon mugs. There are some tricky ones that I might end up just buying on Ebay…

August 28, 2011

I’ve been obsessively updating this blog. I decided to add in ALL the Global ICON series that I think are out there so people can have a complete knowledge and understanding what my dilemas on getting these mugs are! I didn’t want to do it before, because I didn’t really know how to design my blog. Life is a learning experience and the mind has to be motivated in order to achieve to the next level. I think I am there now! I can now go onto my blog, and see what I am missing and then go from there! I’ve also been very active with my community so I’ve met a lot interesting people along the way. When you live in Washington DC, you meet all sorts of people that have moved from all over the county, and the world to work here! 30 years ago, we would never have thought that, but now, slowly and surely, they all are coming here!

Feb 2, 2012

This blog has helped SB collectors to find each other and I am extremely happy with that. I love that we have the same passion and like to share. The laws of attraction is so effective! Happy trading everyone!

Mini Collection UPDATED 2/27/12

FEB 27, 2012

Today is the beginning of a new challenge in my life, therefore, I am updating my blog and FB page. Lately, I’ve had more people finding the blog and the FB page so definitely, it’s wonderful to meet people with the same hobby in life. This is definitely NOT a cheap hobby and time consuming but worth it!

Canada Collection!

May 19, 2012

I just learned yesterday that there are 197 TUMBLERS so far and I have about 10 or less? Thanks to Dan Aborgina! He has most of it on his blog! The more I find out about WordPress, the more I love it! I am all about shareware and non-profit organization and helping the less fortunate.  I KNOW, it’s ironic that I am collecting these mugs that are very COSTLY but I am not about having them all ASAP but more interested in how it got to me and the friends I meet along the way. It’s like a token of appreciation and thoughtfulness that is embedded in the efforts of buying me a mug or two and carrying it all the way back. I am very guilty of being extremely lazy to buy anything for anyone. I only bought souvenir for my MOM only when I went traveling anywhere. Naturally, is the person I love most in this world, the giver of life through nature and nurture. Then came the nieces and nephews because they appreciate it so much and their love is very pure.

The other day when I changed my theme, I put in a counter and to my shocking surprise, I have almost 60,000 visits! I HAD NO IDEA!! So that led me to learning more features of WordPress and life works in mysterious ways because the success of WordPress didn’t come from greed but just the generosity of talented people that just want to give back to the world. Thanks WORDPRESS!

Tumblers as of May 19, 2012


    • hongluong72

      You have to come to the US to buy the mugs like we have to go to Indonesia to get the mugs there.

    • Eleanor

      Hi Vita, do you have Bali, Indonesia, Jakarta and other cities/countries? Are you interested to have Manila, Philippines, Batangas, Cebu, Iloilo and Tagaytay? I can also get the rest of the Philippine mugs: Bacolod, Baguio, Boracay, Cagayan De Oro, Davao, Naga and Pampanga if you want (to save on shipment?) but give me time to get those. Thanks!

      • Yunita

        Hi Eleanor… I can get u indonesia tumbler for trade with manila, philipine ect… Let me know if u r interest..

  1. Tibor


    if you like I can get you Prague / Czech Republic, Budapest / Hungary as well as Vienna / Austria mugs for exchange of some from the states …. Very much interested in NIagara Falls, Washington DC and New York..regards, Tibor

    • hongluong72


      Where do you live? If you live in the US, would be awesome but if you live overeas, the shipping is really expensive. Let me know! I do need those mugs and I wont be able to get them because I dont know of anyone that goes there.

      • hongluong72

        I do have New York and DC mugs for you ..I dont have any Niagara Falls but I have other USA mugs like NEW Mexico and Miami..

      • jaybeecruise

        is your new mexico mug a used or new one? i got a new toronto mug….if you like we could trade….

  2. Jaybeecruise

    Right now I got an extra new Toronto mug for a trade…. Do you know other people who need Toronto mug for a trade? Who’s Ellen? Can is she a mug collector too?

  3. Jaybeecruise

    Is your new Mexico and Miami a new mug? I hope my brother can get Detroit and Ohio from his tour….

    • hongluong72


      When I go to the Netherlands, I will look you up! Look me up if you are ever in Washington DC!!

  4. Brad

    Hey, I am currently in Bali but I live in Woodbridge, VA… Let me know what I can get you from here. Maybe there are a couple of mugs I have or can get my hands on for you. I saw you have extras and we can see what we can come up with.. I travel quite often overseas and can pick up extras during my travels for you. Let me know.


    • hongluong72

      Brad! That would be AWESOME if you could get mugs from Indonesia! I have a group that would love to get those mugs as well so any mugs you can get would be greatly appreciated! So far, I only have Bali and Jakarta but if that’s all you can find, please just bring back whatever you can. I am getting more traders from my blog and would love to help them to with their collection! My brother lives in Lorton so just next door to you and I come and visit his 3 kids at least once a week.

      These are the mugs I don’t have from Indonesia.
      We can trade if you’re a collector or I can pay for them..Thanks!

  5. Brad

    Well I was able to pick up the Bali/Indo mini for you… I missed out on the normal of the two… Too many damn Americans with me buying up everything in site (haha)… but I will keep checking until I leave…

    • hongluong72

      Wow! Cool! I just got Mykonos and Greece and Athens Minis from my roommate’s friends. I am supposed to get a shipment of Asian mugs soon! It’s been over a month from a trader in China. He said he I should get it before my bday, Nov 30th. Cool, we can meet up and trade!

      • Brad

        Sorry it’s been a bit but I am back in DC and just seeing when we can meet up to get you the Bali/Indo mini’s to you.

  6. Jasmin

    Hi. I´m from Germany and I althogh collecting the Starbucks Global Icon Collection-Mugs. I have allready 2 Mugs from the USA = California and Miami. Even I have: the United Arab Emirates, Cina and 10 German City Mugs. I love them!

    • hongluong72

      You’re on your way with your collection! There are a lot of German mugs! You can go to the German page to see all I’ve listed. I had no idea they were that many German mugs. My cousins who are from there only got me Berlin mugs! Even they didn’t know there were that many German mugs.

  7. Rachel Robins

    I am also a mug collector 🙂 I already have more than 20 (mostly from Asia). Are you interested in trading?:) looking forward to help each other. Thank you.

    • Chris

      Hi Rachel,

      Are you from Indonesia? I am in Jakarta… Do you want to trade? What extra mugs you have?


    • Jaybeeh

      Hi Dan,

      I’m from Philippines too but now in London. Should you want to trade any Phil.series please let me know…I can get you all the UK series that you wish in exchange to any of the Phil.series..thanks…

      lady Jaybeeh:D

    • hongluong72

      Dan!! Very nice tumblers!! Maybe we can do a trade! I don’t have that many tumblers to trade. I only have DC, Twin Cities, NYC and Pittsburgh!

  8. Jaybeeh

    Hello everyone. I am in London I do travel around United Kingdom. I have just started collecting Starbucks mugs and I’d love to start trading! If you need Northern Ireland + Belfast/ England + London/ Scotland + Edinburgh or Glasgow/ Wales + Cardiff or any UK series please let me know we can discuss detail by e-mail. or add me up on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lenberan
    Thank You so much…

  9. Mauricio Alarcón-Salvador

    Hi there, I’m from Quito – Ecuador, South America. I started my collection almost a year ago and I would love to keep in touch with other collectors to trade or whatever you wanna do with the mugs. My e-mail es alarconsalvador@hotmail.com

  10. Jeannie Fung

    So glad I found your blog!! I’m in Southern California and can get mugs from here to trade with someone from somewhere that I have already been to. I’m just starting my ICON collection. Would love to get the TOKYO & OSAKA ones right now. Please let me know if anyone has one to trade or buy at reasonable price.

    • hongluong72

      It might take a while but I am sure you can find someone who has the mugs you are looking for. Just like us wanting international mugs, they want USA mugs as well! Just have to be careful and make sure you feel you can trust them before trading. I’ve had a few bad experiences but about 95% people are honest but not 100%. It’s so much fun though. I love it! If you want to buy, you could always buy it on Ebay but it can be pricey since it’s overseas and the shipping is high.

  11. myra

    Hi I am collecting anything STARBUCKS too. I am from the Philippines but now here in Arizona.. but I left all my collections in the Philippines.. From mugs, bears, tshirts, planners, bags, timers, and now i am continuing it here.. Nice collections indeed. Do you know any traders or sellers?

    • hongluong72

      I will email you! I am almost done with my USA collections so now I need to figure out International ones. I don’t like the shipping fees but what can I do right?

  12. Rachel Robins

    Alright, I will check it. I also don’t like the shipping costs 😦 We can trade personally..if you come here to the Philippines.

    • hongluong72

      I wish I can go to the Philippines but I just don’t have the time! It’s so far! I have never been to Europe either and it’s only 7-9 hrs from DC!! Do you ever plan to visit the US?

  13. hongluong72

    Rachel, I hope you come to visit America one day as well! I was in the Philippines 31 yrs ago at a refugee camp so I never got to see the country!

  14. Echa

    hello everyone im echa from jakarta indonesia,, i just start to collect starbucks city mug or tumbler. i used to be a barista in jakarta,,so that i love to collect all the stuffs. if you guys any information how can i reach the tumbler from other country,your country..just let me know..looking forward to hear you guys soon…sincerelly ^^

    • hongluong72

      HI Echa! Welcome! You can email any of us directly from the posting and we can assist you. I do want tumblers from Indonesia and I can get you USA products. Please let me know. You can email me directly.


  15. Dennis

    Well I live in the California more specifically Los Angeles I can get the California & Los Angeles city mugs . Am just starting my city mug & tumbler collection . But I really wanna start by getting the Barcelona & Spain mugs .

    • hongluong72

      Dennis! Welcome to our world! Please reach out to as many people you can find on here and the FB page. A lot of people are kind and will assist you on your journey to get your Spain mugs. There are 4 mugs in Spain right now, Spain, Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla. You will get those in NO time!

  16. Léa

    I’m in Miami and I’m looking for the city mug, but I don’t know in wich starbuck’s I can fine theme? Can you help me and give me the adresse where I can fine a city mug or just a mug of Miami?


    • hongluong72

      My brother got this for me when he was in South Beach vacationing so maybe there is a Starbucks there? I am not sure but try those. You can call ahead and ask them to hold it for you if they have it. I hope that helps!

  17. Faye

    I managed to pick up my Edinburgh Scotland Mug from Birmingham UK Starbucks! So always keep your eyes open!

    • hongluong72

      YES, ALWAYS KEEP YOUR EYES OUT! It’s out there that people collect mugs so I am sure Starbucks will be making them more and having them more readily available. Yeah!

  18. tumblerlovers

    Hello! I am glad to find this blog. Anyway, I am wondering why the tumbler list is not at your blog anymore. I bookmarked the link but now it cannot be opened. I need the list badly 😦 thanks!! I appreciate you made that list.

  19. Phil

    Hi. I have a collection of over a hundred from around the world since 2007 that id like to sell. Any interest ?

    • hongluong72

      Hi, please take a picture and post it on the FB page. I am sure there will be a lot of interest for those mugs. Thanks!

  20. racquetandroll

    Hi, I have a new Starbucks Madrid tumbler and will have tumblers from Paris/France by the end of the month. I collect Starbucks tumblers and am interested in trading. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

  21. Lauri

    Der All, i can send You City Muts from all over switzerland -in Exchange to muss from wherever you are. What do you think? Everyone Takes Care for Shopping and for 1 mug, 1 mug in Return…2 mugs for 2 mugs, ….
    Please let me know what do you think of the idea

    • Hong Luong

      Lauri, thank you for offering! I haven’t traded overseas for a while due to the expensive shipping costs but if you are looking to trade, please go onto the FB page. Switzerland mugs are very expensive as well and I am from Washing DC, and there is only one DC Icon mug, and the Washington DC Icon mug has been discontinued for over a year now. Thank you again for offering!

  22. mitch

    hi!! nice collection! i just wanna ask if you have a chile? taiwan mug?… i am mitch from philippines… i just want one piece of chile or taiwan to be part of my adviser’s collectibles of starbucks icon mug…. thank you so much for the info!

    • Hong Luong

      Thanks! I don’t have an extra Chile or Taiwan, I don’t have Chile myself but if you go on the Facebook page, I am sure someone may trade with you. Thanks again for visiting!

    • Hong Luong

      Hi, unfortunately I don’t but try posting what you want on the Facebook page, someone may have one for you. Thanks!

  23. Mnika

    Hi, I just started my collection so I don’t have many mugs, but I can easily get the Brazilian ones (Brasil, Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo) or the Polish ones (Warsaw, Poland, Gdansk, etc), if anyone is interested. I would trade for New York, Toronto, India or many others!

  24. Ana Maria DeYoung

    I just started collecting and I am having a hard time finding tumblers fir any city or state in the USA. Can someone please direct me to where I can purchase them?

  25. Jason

    I wish they would bring back the USA Global Icon mugs 😦

    We should start a petition to Starbucks 🙂

  26. katie

    Not sure if this is where I should ask a few questions. I have 2 tumblers and 1 mug that i can’t find out much if any information about them or their value.

    I found the following description but not much else for the 2 tumblers:
    -Retired STARBUCKS COFFEE 15th Anniversary MALAYSIA Batik Design Tumbler 16 fl oz
    -Limited Edition STARBUCKS COFFEE Cameron Highlands MALAYSIA Tumbler 12oz

    And I see on eBay the mug listed at $99 USD

    My husband purchased them while traveling for business but we would like to sell them.

    Any chance you can direct me? Thanks

    • Hong Luong

      IT’s hard to tell how much tumblers are going for…your best bet would be to have a bid on Ebay and see how much people are willing to buy it for. Most people seem to collect mugs more than the do tumblers that’s why mugs tend to be a lot more expense than the tumblers from the original price. I hope this helps…

  27. Reba Wilkinson

    Do you have Texas??
    Hey. I’m wondering if I could get all your lists. I saw on a few pages it said let your email so I thought I’d leave it here and say I’ll take any lists you have. I started just collecting a few but have found a few by swapping on Ig with mugrugs (I quilt so it’s two hobbies in one!) But I’m looking to swap for any I don’t have. Anyone can email if they want to swap for Texas. (I live north of Austin so there’s some others I maybe can get but don’t go into the “big” cites much)

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