May 18, 2012

My aunt and her husband got to meet the Director of BPSOS, the non profit that I volunteer for to fight labor trafficking in Asia so I have been reading this book call, Half the Sky. Highly recommended but very hard to take if you could stomach all the rapes, brutal treatment against females of all ages in the world. Yes, many countries in Africa are affected because of lack of educational, poverty, cultural differences but I have to say, mainly ignorance. It really isn’t an explanation anymore. We must pay attention to it and somehow, bring awareness. The world is SMALL but then so ridiculously enormous because the people that are affected by it goes on daily and unnoticed by you and me.

On a happier note, my cousin’s graduation ceremony was yesterday at George Washington University. The University is 193 yrs old! Almost as old as this country! I am going to spend all day with my sister and my niece and we will visit some farm near George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon. The last and only time that I was there was maybe 28 years ago. Coincidentally, my elementary school is called Mount Vernon Elementary and my Jr. High school is call, George Washington JH. I know an astronaut went there.

I am very proud of my cousin! The first PHD in my family tree that I know of. I am too lazy for school, but not blogging!

Ngoc Han’s Graduation Ceremony