Paris 1 and Paris 2

My roommate surprised me one night with this and a France mug. One of our neighbors went to Paris so he manage to ask him to bring this back for me. When we have our annual block party, I love to meet the messenger of these 2 mugs!

December 14, 2017

I made it to Paris!! The city is beautiful and the food is amazing. We had so much fun there and we even rent bikes to rode in the city. It was not as dirty as others have said it was. They must have cleaned up some. We were lucky that we missed the flood a week before. It was just meant for me to enjoy my first trip to Europe.




Paris 2 is released!


Source: Facebook

paris 1 and 2


  1. Linda Behrens

    I was in Paris recently and kept meaning to buy a Starbucks mug and never wanted to carry it around. I have one from Copenhagen. Do Starbucks sell these mugs online?

    • Hong Luong

      Unfortunately, these city mugs aren’t available online but once in a while, we will get lucky and they do sell them from some cities but I have never seen Paris on sale at the Starbucks store online.

  2. James R

    Jill, enjoy your time in Paris. My gf and I are less than 2 weeks from our Europe trip, and Paris is on our list to add to our ever growing collection!

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