Paris 1 and Paris 2

My roommate surprised me one night with this and a France mug. One of our neighbors went to Paris so he manage to ask him to bring this back for me. When we have our annual block party, I love to meet the messenger of these 2 mugs!



Paris 2 is released!

Source: Facebook

paris 1 and 2



  1. Linda Behrens

    I was in Paris recently and kept meaning to buy a Starbucks mug and never wanted to carry it around. I have one from Copenhagen. Do Starbucks sell these mugs online?

    • Hong Luong

      Unfortunately, these city mugs aren’t available online but once in a while, we will get lucky and they do sell them from some cities but I have never seen Paris on sale at the Starbucks store online.

  2. James R

    Jill, enjoy your time in Paris. My gf and I are less than 2 weeks from our Europe trip, and Paris is on our list to add to our ever growing collection!

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