San Francisco

This is the mug that started all of this madness of ‘MUGGING!’  I couldn’t find this mug when I was in SF so I thought I could find it online somewhere and of course I can’t. I don’t even know why I thought I could. This was back in August 2008. 5 yrs later, some are married with kids so all we do is talk about kids, not the Nappa Valley trip, or where to go for clubbing tonight, or where the next Happy Hour is.   Washingtonians are alcoholics for sure. It’s from the stress of living here and just life itself. At least it doesn’t make for a boring dinner party conversations!  I think this mug might have been a gift from Eka, along with the BROKEN CHINA MUG. 

San-Francisco San-Francisco-3 San-Francisco-2 San-Franciso-4San-Francisco-5

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