April 22, 2012

This was an extremely pleasant surprise. My roommate got one of the neighbors to ask his sister who is visiting to get this mug for me! How cool right? There is also Lima but hopefully, I might get that next year. That also makes me wonder how long the Global Icon series will be around. I hope they don’t start a new series!! That would be a nightmare, not to mention not enough from in the house for all the mugs!!

I don’t know much about Peru. As for Lima, I just go to a club in DC call Lima! I know, pretty lame right. I am a ditz at times but at least, I am honest!! Geography is not my forte and traveling isn’t one of my passions. Road trips, I will do. Cordell and I were talking about how we would miss our loves ones, (parents) when they pass away. I told him when that time comes, road trips!! Thank God America has 48 states connected we can drive to. Alaska and Hawaii will pose some challenge to get to. By then, all the nieces and nephews will be in high school with their own friends so I won’t be that much for for them so plenty of time do enjoy the rest of my life!! I wonder what this blog will be like then.


PERU (4)


  1. Arequipa
  2. Cusco
  3. Lima
  4. Peru

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