I want these mugs!!


      • Hong Luong

        Your best chance is on Ebay, but it’s costly since it will be shipping from overseas ontop of the over priced for the mugs that people are selling. Thanks.

    • Annika

      I’d be super interested in buying one for a friend! 🙂
      The only day she spent in Dublin she went to every Starbucks she could find but none of them had a mug so I want to get her one.
      Do you want a Germany one in return or to be paid for it (and how much)?

      • Hong Luong

        Annika, Please go on the Facebook page and post your request. Maybe someone will have the mug to trade with you!

  1. Megan

    Still want one? Just saw a YouTube video of a reseller who found one today . His name is hairy tornado video uploaded 17/18 feb . His eBay stores in his discribstions

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