We stopped by Philly on our way back from NYC for a night and half a day. There is a lot of history there and it’s surreal to be in where the Declaration of Independence was signed. That is another reason why I love living on the Eastcoast . It is where the 13 Colonies is at and living in Virginia where the home of the first president of United States is only 20 minutes away is pretty amazing. There is a bike trail called ‘Mount Vernon’ that takes you directly there. When I was little, I had no idea because I only went towards DC but we just visited George Washington’s home ‘Mount Vernon’ when my older sister came to visit and somehow, it’s changed so much since the last time I was there which was probably when I was 10 years old.

Philadelphia Philadephia-5 Philadelphia-4 Philadelphia-3 Philadelphia-2

City Hall Philly

City Hall Philly

Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell


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