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April 30, 2012

Nicole just got back from Vietnam and she remember to bring me back 2 mugs from the airport in Seoul! Therefore I have to update this even though I already have a Korean mug already from KIM at Shirlington Crest. I got the tumbler from Andrew but now that Nicole is more serious about my mug collection, she might get more people to bring them back for me. A lot of her friends go to Vietnam so they have layovers in Asia.

We spent all day yesterday starting with dim sum at 3PM, Georgetown waterfront after and then back to Eden for seafood and dancing. It reminds me of the good old days where we do hang out all day and just eat, talk and be silly! No matter where life takes us, friendship should go back to childhood because nothing is more therapeutic than laughing and being silly with your friends!!

Today is also my youngest brother’s bday. He’s 32!!

This was a SURPRISE from one of the homeowners here at Shirlington Crest. I had mentioned to him once that I collect these mugs when I first started working for Stanley Martin and he said he travels for work and would bring me back one. 2 months later, HERE IT IS!! I did layover in Seoul once back from my trip in Vietnam but all I thought about was buying these Hello Kitty stuff animals for my nieces!! Yes, my nieces and nephew are my ‘part-time’ children. I miss them all the time!! I think they can open a mini Hello Kitty shop from all the things that I brought back from my trips.



  1. jaybeecruise

    wow you got a nice korea mug…..i been there twice during my stopover but i didn’t get one of it…. hope you got another new mug like that and let’s trade…. I’m living in DC and got family in Florida….

    • hongluong72

      If I know anyone going there, I will ask them to bring me back one. This one was a gift..but yeah, I always try to get extras so I can trade. What else do you need for your collection?

  2. Andrew

    Wow! Awesome

    you have a lot of mugs…

    I saw that you have Korea mug, but don’t have Seoul mug and seoul & korea demitasse.

    I live in Seoul, and I’d like to exchange those mugs with other city mugs from the U.S.

    How is it?

    • hongluong72


      I would love to trade with you! Where are you living now? If you live in Korea, it will take a while to ship your mugs to US but it’s worth it. It takes about 2 months and can be expensive but it beats me flying there and you coming here!! Let me know what USA mugs you are looking for..hopefully something from my list! If not I will try to get them for you!!

      I love my Korea mug, my Korean friends but most of all, Korean ribs!!!..:-)

      Happy Holidays!!

  3. Andrew


    I live in Seoul now. It’s my hometown. haha

    I’m glad to know that you agree with me to exchange mugs.

    I saw your list for trading, and I’d like to get FLORIDA(green one with alligator) and NORTH CAROLINA(sky-blue color with bush?) mugs.

    I will send SEOUL mug(16oz) and Seoul & Korea demitasse set(3oz each).

    email me and let me know how to trade those mugs.

    Thank you.


  4. Miel

    Hey Guys! may i join in?Wow amazing how you got loads of collections,I have just started collecting starbucks city mugs. I think i found the right site for trading in. lol. I am in UK now and i can trade in 4 countries of UK and their cities i f any one here would want to…Thanks

  5. hongluong72

    Good. I hope you will have successful trades like I have! That is the only way to collect since we don’t have the luxury to go all over the world to get them!!

    You’re very welcome!!

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