Japan has a lot of mugs for their area specific places, not so much Global Icon mugs. Their Japan country series mugs are very colorful and contains a lot of artwork. I have one from Okinawa and now I understand why! I definitely want to go to Tokyo and get the mugs myself! Tokyo just seems so full of energy, lights, and fashion. Sort of reminds me or our own New York City, but not so ‘Hello Kitty!’

I am very surprised I only found 3 Global Icon mugs from there!!




  1. hongluong72


    Do you have all three mugs? Which USA mugs do you want for these three mugs? Tokyo, Sapporo and Osaka?

  2. Jeannie Fung

    Would love to get the Tokyo one. Couldn’t find them while we were there…so dissappointed. I can trade for it…want Tokyo for sure. Could get Osaka but we only stopped at Shin Osaka on way to Kyoto. Can you help? We are in the Southern California area.

  3. Jeannie Fung

    I can get you anyone from Southern California, and I even have an extra one from Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. Let me know asap.

    • hongluong72

      Is the Puerta Vallarta mug still available? I am very interested in that mug. Rosa lives in OC, she can get that for me. Please let me know. Thanks!

  4. Andrea

    I could have sworn there was a Tokyo “You are here collection” mug. It used to be on the master list but no longer is. I can’t find it anywhere. Does anyone know where to find one, or remember it?

    • Hong Luong

      You are Here is only in US and Canada, with the exception of Amsterdam, which is not around anymore.

  5. Hong Luong

    Keep checking back..new sellers post new mugs. Just make sure it’s real and not some fake mug sent from China.

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