Madrid and Spain Demi

Spain – (4)

  1. Barcelona/Barcelona
  2. Madrid/Spain
  3. Seville/Spain
  4. Valencia/Spain


The other set of minis from Niki’s trip to Spain with Kyu. Kyu bought me a cross from one of the cathedrals that is on my altar table. From the pictures, Spain has a lot of cathedrals and is a very Catholic country. Yes, I do remember that for being the wonderful Catholic that I am! I definitely want to go there and the Vatican City one day. Kyu told me there is one amazing cathedral that will be completed soon by a very famous architecture. As with all Cathedrals in Europe, there is a lot more character and history behind it than here in America. I really can’t wait to take a tour one day..more like a pilgrimage! My mom would love that….

Kyu, Niki, Christina



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