San Francisco 08 Holiday

San Francisco Chinatown

San Francisco

This is my most revisited city other than New York because for some reason, someone always want to go there. It is a very nice city. We had a girls trip to Nappa there this past August. Although I did not get a mug there this time since I didn’t decide to collect the Global Series mug, it was one of my best trips there. I keep saying I won’t go back but I always do. Nappa was something out of a book, especially V. Sattui.

All my friends loved it. 5 girls and a boy went and sharing a room was hard because my friends are so high maintenance. One brings along all of her make-up, herbal stuff and shoes and the other one wakes up at 6am to run on vacation.

One day, I came back to the room and I thought we got robbed because there were stuff EVERYWHERE. But then I looked and it was just all of their things.  They also love to think out loud as well which is the opposite of me because I am lazy to speak and too lazy to explain myself. I have to say though, every time I think about it, I do laugh a lot to it’s like a crazy laughing out loud for no particular reason, like how they think out loud.


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