I don’t have ANY of the GLOBAL SERIES Icon mugs from Thailand. I just have the Bangkok one I got 3 years ago on a trip there and it was before I started to seriously collect them. Of course I regret not buying more mugs and not buying one from Pattaya since I actually went there!..:-(

We did one of those tours from Vietnam to Thailand. It was really cheap, around $350 for flight, accommodations and meals.  I highly recommend it! Everything is cheaper if you it from Vietnam!



  1. Bangkok
  2. Chiangmai
  3. Pattaya
  4. Phuket
  5. Thailand



  1. Irma

    Any other city mugs you have which is not on my list. I am about to receive city mugs from Seattle (Pike Place and another one), Boston, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

  2. Alireza Shokouhi

    I have two Bangkok Mugs, one is for trade if someone is interested, Iam interested in all major cities In North America!Except New York and Miami which I already have of course!

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