Las Vegas Tumbler

las-vegas-1 las-vegas-4 las-vegas-3 las-vegas-2


  1. Lubos

    Good Mornig, I would like to buy Las Vegas Tumbler. Is there any chance to get somehow, please? It is very important for me to have it. Thank you.

    • hongluong72

      Tumblers are a hit or miss so it’s probably out when you are there. Most of the time, stores don’t really carry tumblers, but only by chance. Sorry for being vague!

  2. Michael

    I really need one as a souvenir for a friend. I already made a promise. Any surefire way I can get my hands on this? Tried ebay but it’s used. I need a new one.

    • Hong Luong

      Please go on the Facebook page and post on there. Maybe someone has one to sell. Traders are usually nicer than Ebay!

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