June 5, 2012

It just occurred to me that there are so many passionate Starbucks collectors from the Philippines! WHO WOULD EVER GUESS?? Oth is coming to visit DC at the end of July of this year so he will be my first Filipino trader that I will meet in person. I am thrilled. The support is huge. I am not sure how many I will get a chance to meet in person but through postings from FB and email, I feel a little closer to them.  It’s so odd and bizarre that I have friends that live about 20 minutes away but I hardly ever see them but people across the world, I am willing to travel to a mutual place and they are willing to come to bring me mugs. There must be something in the mugs, according to Rosa. Why else are we so into the mugs, and the friendships we make along the way? What comes first? The mug or the friendship?

Philippines Philippines-3 Philippines-2 Philippines-1Philippines-4



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