Updated December 8, 2017


Australia Australia 11070073
Australia Australia Green
Australia Brisbane
Australia Brisbane Green
Australia Brisbane Green II
Australia Gold Coast 11070071
Australia Gold Coast Green
Australia Melbourne
Australia Melbourne Green
Australia Melbourne Green II
Australia Sydney
Australia Sydney Green
Australia Sydney Green II
Brunei Brunei
China Beijing
China Beijing Gold
China Beijing Green
China Beijing Silver
China Changchun
China Changsa
China Changzhou
China Chengdu
China Chengdu Gold
China Chengdu Green
China Chengdu Silver
China Chongqing
China Dalian
China Dongguan
China Foshan
China Fozhou
China Guangzhou
China Guangzhou Gold
China Guangzhou Green
China Guangzhou Silver
China Hangzhou 434772
China Hangzhou Silver
China Harbin
China Hong Kong
China Hong Kong Gold
China Hong Kong Green
China Hong Kong Red
China Hong Kong Silver
China Kunming
China Lijiang
China Macau
China Macau Green
China Macau Silver
China Nanjing
China Nanjing Silver
China Nanning
China Ningbo 434773
China Qingdao
China Shanghai Gold
China Shanghai Green
China Shanghai I 11021479
China Shanghai II
China Shanghai Red
China Shanghai Silver
China Shenyang
China Shenzhen
China Shenzhen Green
China Suzhou
China Taiyuan
China Tianjin
China Wuhan
China Wuxi
China Xiamen
China Xian
China Yangzhou
Czech Republic Prague
Czech Republic Prague Gold
Czech Republic Prague Green
England London
England London Gold
England London Green
England London Red
France Paris
France Paris Gold
France Paris Green
France Paris Red
Germany Berlin 11021482
Germany Berlin Gold 11040374
Germany Berlin Green 11049618
Germany Berlin Red 11030584
Malaysia Johor
Malaysia Kedah
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Gold
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Green
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Red
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Silver
Malaysia Malacca
Malaysia Pahang
Malaysia Penang
Malaysia Perak
Malaysia Sabah
Malaysia Sarawak
Malaysia Selangor
Netherlands Amsterdam
Netherlands Amsterdam Gold
Netherlands Amsterdam Green 11049617
New Zealand Auckland
New Zealand Wellington
Philippines Boracay
Philippines Cebu
Philippines Cebu Silver
Philippines Manila
Philippines Manila Green
Philippines Manila Silver
Russia Moscow
Russia Moscow Gold
Russia Moscow Green
Russia St. Petersburg
Singapore Singapore
Singapore Singapore Gold
Singapore Singapore Green
Singapore Singapore Red
Singapore Singapore Silver
South Korea Busan
South Korea Busan Holiday Gold
South Korea Gyeongju
South Korea Jeju
South Korea Jeju Holiday Gold
South Korea Seoul
South Korea Seoul Holiday Gold
South Korea Seoul Red
Switzerland Zurich Green 11049624
Taiwan Hsinchu
Taiwan Hsinchu Gold
Taiwan Hsinchu Green
Taiwan Kaohsiung
Taiwan Kaohsiung Gold
Taiwan Kaohsiung Green
Taiwan Taichung
Taiwan Taichung Gold
Taiwan Taichung Green
Taiwan Tainan
Taiwan Tainan Gold
Taiwan Tainan Green
Taiwan Taipei
Taiwan Taipei Gold
Taiwan Taipei Green
Taiwan Taipei Red
Taiwan Taipei Silver
Taiwan Taiwan
Taiwan Taiwan Green
Taiwan Taiwan Red
Taiwan Taiwan Silver
Taiwan Taoyuan
Taiwan Taoyuan Green
Thailand Bangkok
Thailand Bangkok Blue
Thailand Bangkok Green
Thailand Bangkok Silver
Thailand Phuket
Turkey Istanbul
USA Boston
USA Los Angeles
USA New York I
USA New York II
USA San Francisco
USA Seattle
Vietnam Vietnam


    • hongluong72

      I love this mug the minute I saw it. However, the first design from NYC wasn’t so appealing to they changed it a little and it looks fantastic now!

  1. Colton Windsor

    Can anyone help me acquire two Paris mugs? It’s my all time favorite city but I’m not in the financial well-being of being able to travel currently. Just to have them would satify my needs for a little Paris until times are better. Thanks for any feedback.

  2. RS

    Prague relief mugs–does anyone know if they are still for sale in Prague stores, or is trading and second hand buying my only hope? The only ones I have to trade right now are LA and San Fran. If anyone wants to trade a Prague for those, let me know. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Mike Folkers

    I recently returned from Paris with the Starbucks Relief Mug. However, I am at a loss as to what the building is between the Eiffel Tower and the Luxor Obelisk. Can anyone help here?

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  5. Jade

    Just realised you haven’t included Singapore on your list! They had them in the gold for Christmas and the standard black.

    • Hong Luong

      No, but they have constantly coming up with new ones so hopefully they will stick around for a while.

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  7. Lady22

    Can SB make for Japan or Canada and some other counties that are more enticing to collect… Like I mean, why is so many for just one country like China or Taiwan? Duh.

  8. Mitch

    Hi there! Has any one seen a Chicago relief mug? I swear I had one in college, now its gone and I cannot find one anywhere!

  9. Alison Hart

    Can anyone advise if there was a city relief mug for Kyoto? If so I would be interested in purchasing 2 of them.

  10. Karin Dillabough

    How can I buy a St. Petersburg, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Prague mug? When I was in Barcelona 3 years ago I saw one in the Gothic area but when I went back it was gone. Has anyone seen one from Barcelona?

  11. nathalie brun

    Hello, i make the collection of mugs in relief. i am looking for mugs London, Prague, St peterbourgs, Amsterdam, Hong Kong …etc etc.
    If you are interested i can make exchanges with that of Paris in relief. Thank you.

    • Hong Luong

      Palm spring was only in the architecture series. Tel Aviv was in the older international series. Not sure if it’s in the new YAH. Dubai is available in the YAH series.

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