Hi Starbucks Collectors…and FRIENDS & FAMILY!!!

USA Mug collection!

I just started my Starbucks City Mug collection. This blog is to help me to keep track of all the mugs and I have all the ones I am aiming to get.

I do find it fun and challenging. My first mugs were bought about 8 years ago and I can’t remember how it all got started.

I found a site that has collectors like myself. That’s when I found out that there are about 300 mugs out there.

I am getting emails from my posting from other collectors. I am looking forward to sharing a meaningful experience along my way of attaining them all.

Thanks to all the friends and relatives who have carried the mugs around the world, across the country and around town back to me!

June 12, 2010

I am coming up on my ONE YEAR Anniversary of this blog. My collection is growing so I either have to buy another cabinet to put them in or be creative somehow. THANK YOU again for all my friends and customers, coworkers who brought me back a mug or 3!! Your efforts are UNMEASURABLE! I know it may seem simple but to bring it back from wherever you went, is still A LOT of work!


August 4, 2011—I’ve been busy being auntie! So many kids are born this year and last year. It’s wonderful being an auntie. I am very close to completing my USA MUG collection and I am happy with people finding my blog and commenting on it. I really didn’t think any one would find it but since I did find someone with a Starbucks Mug blog on here, I supposed it’s just a matter of time! I welcome all comments and would love to help anyone who has the same hobby as me.

My dream is still have to have the money and time around the world to actually go and collect all of these mugs! I wonder if Starbucks mugs will still be around when I am retired and have nothing to do and hopefully the fund to travel.?? I am not much of a traveler but if there is push or purpose, then my mind will mentally get me there!!

Thanks for all that have visited my blog lately and of course many thanks to those that keeps thinking of me when you are on your next adventure in the world.

FEB 28, 2012

I think Rosa has it right, this blog is my escape from life’s STRESS!! I have been helping BPSOS with this huge campaign on March 5 &6  so it’s been extremely stressful to schedule and meet with 100 Senators in a week’s time frame! I am not actually the one calling or emailing but I am the one that is coordinating and making sure it gets done! Mind you, none of us know what to do at first! I don’t even know what a senator is or how many we have. BUT now, I do and that’s about it. SOOO, I just need a little break so I took some pictures of my USA mugs. Thank you Rosa for bringing me 4 yesterday! Rosa is like the sister I wish  I have. Asians are like that.  When we like someone, we call them like a relative, older sister, younger sister, older brother, younger brother, aunt, uncle, grandpa, grandma, niece, nephew. We just don’t call mom or dad but apparently, we use all the family terms!

So I have a bit of OCD. You will see from the pictures below. I am missing 3 more USA mugs and Rosa thinks she can get me 2 of them. The Seattle I is discontinued so I might just give up on that one. I am NOT that OCD! Well, I don’t want it to ruin me and think about that ONE mug I can’t get!

Turquoise USA Mugs

Red USA Mugs

Light Green USA Mugs

Dark Green USA Mugs

Dark Blue USA Mugs

Brown USA Mugs

Blue USA Mugs



  1. Brittany Dufault

    Any Cuba Mugs? My BF is a Flight Attendant and hes trying to get them as he goes, we have a rule, he or i have to go to the place to get the mug, we cannot buy or trade but we are allowed to accept them as a gift if someone was there and bought for us!
    were finding out that alot of those places like jamaica, cuba does not have them.

    • hongluong72

      Britanny! I haven’t seen any Cuba mugs. Wow, your bf is a flight attendant! That’s the perfect way to get mugs!

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