August 25, 2012

I thought I would just start collecting the current series, the Global Icon series. As I snooped around the internet, I realized I was 13 years behind with all the older series. Then I stumbled upon TUMBLERS and thought I would just grab whatever I saw as I traveled here and there. So I tumbled upon Dan’s blog and realized that there are around 200 tumblers. Then Kristin found the Facebook page and was reaching out to trade cards. Starbucks gift cards. I just happened to pick up a few when I went to NYC and saw some here in Washington DC so I thought I just send it to her. It only cost around 70 cents so that’s nothing and I know the feeling of receiving mugs so she might feel the same way about receiving gift cards. This is the result as I came home last night from my friend’s bbq.

Here is the start of another adventure, the Starbucks gift cards. I have seen collectors posting pictures all over but have yet to really made the leap to start collecting them. Kristin, thank you for reaching out and inspire me to take on another meaningful journey in my life as I attempt to get all of these cities/country gift cards!

Texas Gift card


  1. Mookz


    I really feel lovely to seeing this blog coz I actually also doing the same thing like you did.
    I do collecting starbucks city mug collection.
    I have 37 mugs up to now and still counting on…
    In fact, is a bit hard to get it more… I wish I can get it all

    • Hong Luong

      Hi! Thank you for sharing your passion with me! I love collecting mugs but more importantly, I love having this blog so others can come here for information and hopefully, find what they are looking for. I managed to get my cousin to start collecting as well and I am trading with her. Slowly and surely, she will be hooked soon! If you could afford the shipping, you should trade mugs. That’s how I get over half of my mugs! Happy mugging!

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