HAPPY 2013!!

January 14, 2013

Hong's bday

Happy 2013!!

Last year was pretty amazing, on an emotional and self-fulfilling way.  My birthday is towards the end of the year so it ended with a nice birthday with many precious memories with a month celebration with friends and family. Turning 40 was a remarkable milestone in my life. I went to see a movie and it said that ages 40-60  is the best years of your life. This seems to make sense to me. At 40, your life is pretty stable and you still have your health to enjoy it. So I planned on enjoying the beginning of the best years of my life to come.

Happiness always leads back to collecting mugs and newcomers. Many are finding the this blog again and now are going to the Facebook page to meet other collectors to learn, trade and or just something to do since we all are addicted to the internet. Our network and support has started to grow and multiplying by the day. Some Icon mugs are discontinued with rumors of a new series coming out. If that’s the case, that’s really excited for us muggers.

Yes, we complain how much time and costly it is to collect mugs. However, is there such an addiction that doesn’t consume your time and money? 🙂 🙂 🙂

TO A WONDERFUL 2013!! Thank you visiting and commenting! 

Hong's bday


  1. cordell

    Happy 2013! Welcome to the best years of your life, partner. Here’s to more mug collecting trips and interesting interactions with the community of Starbucks “muggers”. Cheers!

  2. Sofia

    This is awesome, Googled Starbucks Collection cups and I found your blog! I’m really into Starbucks cups but have only 22 myself. I wanna travel wherever there are Starbucks cups. Kinda obsessed. Keep it up, I will follow you for inspirational trips!

    • hongluong72

      Thank you for visiting! We all are obsessed with these mugs and a new series is coming. Join the FB page for updates and other fun things that collectors post all the time!

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