Starbucks City Mugs




Updated September 1, 2015

Canada (12)



Canada Version 1

Canada Version 2





Niagara Falls



Vancouver Island


Europe (1)



United States of America























Kansas City


Lake Tahoe

Las Vegas

Los Angeles






New Jersey

New Mexico

New Orleans

New York

North Carolina


Orange County




Pike Place Market




San Antonio

San Diego

San Francisco


St. Louis



Twin Cities






Washington D.C

Wisconsin 1

Wisconsin 2

2013 Christmas  Ornaments  2oz (5)

  1. Hawaii
  2. Los Angeles
  3. New York
  4. San Francisco
  5. Seattle 

2014 Christmas Ornaments

1. California
2. Chicago
3. Florida
4. Hawaii
5. Los Angeles
6. New York
7. Pike Place
8. San Francisco
9. Seattle
10. Washington D.C.

Disney -You Are Here

  1. Magic Kingdom
  2. Epcot
    1. Version 1
    2. Version 2
  3. Disney Hollywood Studios
  4. Disney Animal Kingdom
  5. Disneyland
  6. Disney California Adventure

222 thoughts on “YOU ARE HERE SERIES

  1. Sandi on said:

    don’t know that I like those
    I’ve been collecting sb mugs from places lived and visited just a two break….gggrrrrr Austin green inside and St Louis

  2. Ken Chung on said:

    Has St.Louis one been released yet?

  3. Hi, I kind of like them. I made a map in Google Earth (KMZ) to locate the cities or states where they are available. I included Kansas City, as I saw some auctions on ebay (Is that mug really out?).

  4. I love these! Any plans for a Charleston (or South Carolina) mug?

    • hongluong72 on said:

      There are only N. Carolina YAH and Charlotte, nothing for SC!!:-(

    • Scott on said:

      Here’s another vote for South Carolina.

      • Another vote for Charleston, SC! Rainbow Row, the Battery, the Bridge, Fort Sumter, the Beaches and all the fabulous food. Thousands of people flock to Charleston for just a weekend and the Starbucks are full on King St and Meeting St. There are just too many great things you could put on this mug and too many people that are looking in those Starbucks for the mug to show up.

      • Charleston, S.C. is consistently voted the top tourist destination and vacation location in the country. How is there not a mug for Charleston or South Carolina? Starbucks is losing out on a ton of revenue…especially considering all the tourists and universities in Charledton and in South Carolina.

    • Rob Weeks on said:

      Another vote for Charleston. We went to several looking for one before I consulted this site. It never occurred to me they would not have one here!!!

  5. How could we get an ORU (Oral Roberts University) mug for sale in our book store. Every student, parent, teacher, and staff would buy at least one. Some would buy them as gifts. Please, my wife lives on Starbucks coffee. Seriously, she bloods coffee, black, hot. ;-)

    • hongluong72 on said:

      Paul, I am not sure what you are asking. This is only for Starbucks city mugs only so I am not sure other mugs. Thanks.

  6. fran on said:

    how about a Montauk mug!!

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    • Hong Luong on said:

      Linnea, thank you for the helpful information! I am not technical at all and I don’t know how to increase traffic to my blog so let me try and see how it goes. Thanks a lot for your help!

  8. Why would you not make mugs from at least every state and major cities or vacation destinations? What’s the point of having them if you cannot get them anywhere “you are”.

    • Hong Luong on said:

      Starbucks has a marketing team, although their cities are questionable. Many populated cities do not have their own mugs, even if customers put in suggestions, they still ignore it. Maybe it’s not profitable for them. I live in northern VA, about 15 minutes from DC and after all of this time, there is VA mug. There are so many Starbucks stores in VA and MD but just one DC mug for VA/DC/MD for many years.

  9. Make a park city or Salt Lake City mug

  10. How about a New Jersey mug? Nothing for Jersey :(

  11. pperihhipps on said:

    We need South Carolina! There are plenty of Starbucks around. 3 storefronts within 4 blocks just in Charleston, SC!

    • Hong Luong on said:

      I agree!! I am not sure how Starbucks chose their mugs. There are so many affluent cities where I live, including Alexandria City where I grew up but there has never been a mug for it. George Washington’s home is there! Also, the capital of VA is Richmond and it used to be the capital of USA but there has never been a mug for it!

  12. Christy on said:

    Who wouldn’t want a Napa Valley California mug? thats what I’d like to see next…I can get California or San Fran if anyone wants to trade for a Kentucky and or a North Carolina one.

    • Hong Luong on said:

      The only Nappa Valley mug was from the Skyline Series. That’s my favorite series!! I tried to buy it online but it was too expensive! Please post your trades on FB as well! Thanks!

      Any chance you would be willing to send me one if I traded you one for Phoenix or Arizona? Otherwise I’d gladly pay the cost of the mug + shipping. Your response is appreciated.

      • Hong Luong on said:

        Mojo, please go on the Facebook page. Traders and collectors are on it all the time. I am sure someone would trade you a SF for either Phoenix or AZ. Thanks!

    • Christy. I would LOVE to do a trade for California and send you a KY mug!

      • Hong Luong on said:

        Christy, Please go on the Facebook page and post your trades! I am sure someone will trade with you. Thanks for visiting!

  13. There is only one city shown for Europe but I recently went to Paris and bought mugs for both Paris and France. What other European and international cities/countries are available?

  14. There should be a South Dakota one. Hello Mt. Rushmore!

  15. How about West Virginia? My friends are all trading and no mug to trade what a drag!

  16. Giovanna on said:

    Where’s South Carolina?!? I sarted buying these mugs when my boyfriend and I have our get aways. So, sad I wasn’t able to add South Carolina to my collections.

  17. Are these available at every Starbucks in that city/state?

    • Hong Luong on said:

      Most of the time, they are available, sometimes they are sold out. There is a list of city mugs on there, and those are in the cities they are from. Most of the time, you can also get them at the airport of the city as well.

  18. Daniel Greco on said:

    Love this blog. Everytime I get ready to travel I check here to see if there are any mugs for where I am going. I agree with it being srange that there is not a S. Carolina mug. Recently went to to Maine. It was gorgeous and of course none there either, but some states got 2. What happened with Wisconsin? Did they mess up the first one?

    • Hong Luong on said:

      Daniel, thank you for visiting! I appreciate the comments! I wish there was a mug for all the states and cities in America but I am not sure how it works with Starbucks. It’s also strange they have different versions as well, like Wisconsin and Canada! Have fun with your travels and please share any wonderful experience with us!

  19. Foxytenn on said:

    I have been collecting these mugs that stack perfectly on our shelves. But there are a couple I’d like to have, places that I’ve been. Is there a place I can order them? Or do I have to plan a trip back?

    • Hong Luong on said:

      You can only get the mugs from the city that they are in or you can buy them on Ebay, which will be a lot more expensive. We trade mugs on the Facebook page so if you want to join us and trade some mugs, it will save you a trip back to the cities that you didn’t get. Thanks!

  20. Kelli Yeater on said:

    I just checked Savanah, Georgia off of my vacation bucket list but was unable to get a mug for it😔

  21. Sallie Spence on said:

    I guess no mug for Milwaukee yet?

  22. Before they do more cities it would be nice if they would do states. I would have bought an Oklahoma one while I was home. I live in CA and look for anything with my home state on it.

  23. Marcelo on said:

    Please add Alamo into the list.

  24. Judy Reed on said:

    Starbucks, please make YAH mugs for Idaho and Connecticut!

  25. Can someone tell me which Starbucks in New Orleans sells this mug will be in town tomorrow and would be a big help if I knew which one usually has them! Thanks so much!

  26. Any chance of a New England state Mug?

  27. I’m in San Francisco if anyone wants to trade! I really want anything from New England…. I can get the San Francisco or the California one! :)

  28. I need the Cleveland Ohio mug…. Anyone?

  29. I went to Amsterdam in August 2014, went to the 1 Starbucks I could find (near 9 Streets) and they had the older style mug. (This matched the one I could find in Berlin, Germany on the same trip.) I could not locate the YAH Amsterdam mug. Please post where to locate the YAH Amsterdam mug, and I’ll go get it! ;) Thanks.

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  31. I’ve started traveling a lot more and am enjoying collecting where we go! ( had some fun getting my Utah one on my carry-on when we flew out there last month!!) But just found out that Mississippi doesn’t have a mug!!!! WWHHHAATTTT??? Now, I know Mississippi gets the butt of all the jokes, but, come on……..they at least deserve a Starbucks Mug……:( I hope one comes out sometime…..:/

  32. Jessica on said:

    Boo, no New Jersey! 👎

  33. Danette on said:

    Anyone know if there is a Columbus, Ohio mug? Or is it Ohio for the whole state?

  34. Jennifer on said:

    Does anyone know if you can get the Orange County mug at LAX Starbucks? I’m sure they’ll carry the LA and California mugs but am wondering about Orange County since lots of people going there would be arriving at LAX. I stupidly didn’t pick up the Orange County mug when I was in Anaheim last year but will be in LA for one night in April and am hoping I can make up for my mistake while there. Thx!

  35. marily on said:

    Is there a mug for the Domincan Republic ??

  36. Angie on said:

    hi guys!!!!

    I need to buy some city mugs…I’ve been collect them since 4 months ago..

    Somebody knew where could I buy it??

    Thanks a lot guys!!!

  37. Lauren on said:

    There is also a Cambridge one for Boston

  38. Cathy W on said:

    I received a California mug as a gift about a year ago and started in September with my collection. I didn’t know there was a “club”! How fun to find y’all! Would love to do the trading thing! What is the Facebook page called? I’m in Texas and have access to Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio if anyone is looking!

  39. Mel B on said:

    Can these mugs be ordered online?? I have been to so many of these cities for work, and have collected about 10 mugs so far, but I haven’t been fortunate enough to pick one up from every city I’ve visited. There are at least 5 places I’ve been, that I really want to have a mug from. Any assistance is very much appreciated!

  40. Why there is no new jersey city mug??????😢😢😢😢

  41. Valerie on said:

    NEW JERSEY city mUG PLEASE………….

  42. Karine on said:

    I just found out about those mugs ( trough my cousin) but when she came to visit me, we were both very disappointed to not found anyone to represent New Jersey… Hopefully, we will have one to represent our beautiful state.

  43. does anyone know if any Starbucks in Manhattan have the Hamptons YAH mug?

    • Hong Luong on said:

      The one near the Empire State building usually does. It’s their flagship store, it has all the mugs from New York.

      • just called, they dont have it. but the staff was nice enough to give me update if she finds it. this mug is really hard to find

  44. Hong Luong on said:

    Ed, I hope they restock before you leave. I think that might be the only place that has the Hampton mug. I got mine there a while back.

    • just to make sure. are you talking about this store?

      Empire State Building, 350 5th Avenue

      New York, 10118

      (212) 268-5471

  45. Hong Luong on said:

    Yes, I am pretty sure that’s the store. I don’t remember the exact store but I am sure it’s near the Empire State building. If they didn’t carry Hamptons mug, they would have told you because I think that’s the only store that carries it in NYC.

    • i hope they may have it later since the staff asked for my cell and would keep me posted on the mug. thank you so much for the help!

  46. I’m wondering when this list will be updated? I know there are at least the Disney ones to add. Thank you for having this list as i refer to it all the time when traveling.

    • Hong Luong on said:

      Can you let me know the Disney ones so I can add it to the Disney list? Thanks!!

      • Cameron on said:

        California Adventure
        Magic Kingdom
        Animal Kingdom
        Hollywood Stuios
        EPCOT (purple monorail – retired)
        EPCOT (grey monorail)

  47. Jennifer on said:

    Does anyone know if they are going to release more states or cities to the YAH collection?

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  49. Epcot 2 has been released so please update when possible. 😄 just trying to help out

  50. Why isn’t there a Nebraska mug? The Wikipedia page says there is one, but I haven’t been able to find one either in any stores in Nebraska or online. So, is there actually a mug for the state or not?

  51. Hong Luong on said:

    I am not sure how Starbucks decide which state has a state mug or not. Texas has a lot of city mugs, but no state mug.

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  53. Brandy on said:

    Does anyone know if Disney’s Animal Kingdom mug is available to buy yet?

  54. Danielle May on said:

    It blows my mind that in New Jersey the only state mugs sold are Philadelphia and New York. This is unacceptable and being a NJ resident I am offended. I used to collect these mugs but once I figured out that my state wasn’t even available for sale I stopped.

    • Hong Luong on said:

      I AGREE!! Virginia and Maryland only has Washington DC mugs..but now, Virginia finally has a Virginia mug but Maryland still only has DC mugs..

  55. Melissa on said:

    Frustrating! I was at Prince Edward Island and hoped they would have a mug and they didn’t. In Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, no mugs!!! Bummer, We will be headed to New Jersey and South Carolina too. And it sounds like no mugs in those two either! I planned on collecting all of these on our road trip!!

  56. Kelcy on said:

    Can they please make a mug for South Carolina?? Specifically Charleston, SC. rainbow row and the ravenel bridge would look amazing on it :)

  57. I wish they would have stuck with original artist on the first series of mugs. These are novel, but the artwork actually sucks.

  58. Excellent site. Lots of helpful info here. I am sending it to a few buddies ans also
    sharing in delicious. And of course, thanks in your effort!

  59. Is there a mug for Huntington Beach, California?

  60. Kevin Ratliff on said:

    There is now a Texas mug that just came out

  61. Sarah on said:

    Does anybody know how to find out which Starbucks sells these you are here series mugs?? Or would every Starbucks in that city have the city mug??

    • Hong Luong on said:

      All Starbucks stores sell them but just in case, you should call ahead to make sure they aren’t sold out for the week. They get weekly inventories and do restock weekly.

  62. why isn’t there a mug for Idaho?

  63. WTF! Where’s the Cleveland mug? Detroit but no Cleveland?

  64. Norman on said:

    It’s comical that there isn’t a Tampa Bay one. It’s a HUGE vacation spot where people would pick up mugs obviously.

    • Hong Luong on said:

      They have one for the Icon series so hopefully, they will make one for the YAH series…new ones are coming out each day!

  65. Julie on said:

    They also released a Texas state one last week when they released New Jersey!

  66. Sarah on said:

    There is a Texas State mug now not reflected on the update (July 13,2015)…also there are many duplicate pictures making this list very confusing.

    • Hong Luong on said:

      You can see the list on the main page of the YOU ARE HERE page. All the mugs are usually updated. Texas is on there, along with New Jersey and Illinois. It’s on the drop down from the YOU ARE SERIES tab. Thanks.

  67. Valerie Chambers on said:

    There is a Texas now!!!

    • Hong Luong on said:

      IT is included in the main tab of YOU ARE HERE series and is also in the drop down button on the YOU ARE HERE series. I am guessing it’s harder to view if you’re not using a computer to view. Thanks.

  68. Where is the Iowa Mug? Or Des Moines mug?

  69. Dennis Moore on said:

    Is anyone in interested in doing trades? I live in Texas and have access to Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and the State of Texas mug

  70. Stacy Dodson on said:

    I just saw that Maryland and Michigan State are out 😄

  71. Jason Tucker on said:

    Can someone please clarify that Cambridge is in Boston, if not can we take this off of the United States list and add to a UK list. Thanks! PS, if its in Boston, I am going there soon, any tips on where to find it?

    • Michele on said:

      Cambridge touches Boston. I got my Cambridge mug in Medford which is a town just north of Boston. Easy access via Boston train system to Wellington station in Medford, MA. Wellington Station is a small neighborhood with a couple restaurants on bottom floor and condos/apts at top. Short 10-15 over mystic river is Sommerville at Assembly Row. There is Starbuvks there too and small outlet and shopping. Restaurants too. Will be happy to grab the mugs and trade too if you want. Just let me know:)

    • Nicole on said:

      Cambridge ones can be found in Boston. It is the city across the Charles River from Boston, but they do sell both in almost every Starbucks.

  72. Samantha on said:

    Can you tell me where you picked up the Washington State mug? I’m only in the state until tomorrow morning, and I’ve looked everywhere!

  73. Randy Chambers on said:

    Time to Add South Carolina to the list. Also Charleston, SC, one of the most historic cities in the US and the most Popular tourist destination. South Carolina
    has been neglected too long by Starbucks.

  74. Ataru320 on said:

    Was sort of hoping to see ones for Iowa/Des Moines or for South Dakota when I was out there but didn’t see them on vacation. Shame…I figure South Dakota would be easy with just a long string with Falls Park, the Corn Palace, Mt. Rushmore/Crazy Horse…and Wall Drug for the LOL.

  75. How long does these collector series usually last? It seems like this current YAH version has been out for awhile so I would expect at some point SB would stop producing them and let existing inventories run out.

    • Hong Luong on said:

      It’s hard to tell. The first series lasted for a long time, and then the global Icons came along to replace it. YAH is like architecture series, it seems to have only USA and Canada but the YAH series seems to have a lot more state mugs so maybe the YAH might be around longer than the architecture series.

  76. Is there a maryland one for sale?

  77. They need to make a Minnesota one!

  78. Looking for a Montana or Yellowstone one!!!!! When will this come out?!!!!

  79. Hows about Tucson. We need a mug for sure!

  80. I was in Atlanta and I bought I cup. But I didn’t get a Georgia cuz I got an Alabama cup. I’m kinda mad because I was not in Alabama and I wanted to get on every place I went.

  81. Sooo bummed!!
    My hubby and I collect these from each state or place we go, it makes the adventure even funner. I went to Reno this last weekend and was looking forward to seeing the new mug that will be joining the others in our cupboard only to find out there isn’t a Reno mug NOR A NEVADA mug! We have the Las Vegas mug from our visit last spring….really would have liked to have a Reno mug though :(

    • Brittany on said:

      Hey Deborah, I wish we had a Reno mug as well. My first mug was one my mom brought me from Hawaii. So, as a native Renoite, I was excited to run to Starbucks and get one from Reno only to find out we only have Lake Tahoe. =( Hopefully they’ll come out with one soon.

      • Stephanie on said:

        I just bought the Michigan mug. It’s everywhere now. Well, all three Starbucks stores I’ve been to had a bunch.

  82. Michigan Mug _—-WHERE?

  83. Daniel on said:

    They need to come out with a Vermont mug please.

    • Seriously!! When??? I go to Mississippi several times a year to visit family and have never seen a YAH mug. Any idea when one will be released?

  84. Adriana bedwell on said:

    When will mississippi get a mug??????

  85. how do I buy the new jersey mug? how much does it cost?

  86. When will Wyoming and South Dakota get their mugs??

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  88. Do you think the UK will ever get the You Are Here Mugs?

  89. I would love to see a SYRACUSE NY mug and a COLLEGE STATION Texas A&M Mug!

  90. Tamara Borovic on said:

    Hiii! I am going to Baltimore in March. Do you think i will be able to find mug for Maryland from You are here series there? :)
    Also i will be going to Livingston, NJ. Is it possible to find a NJ mug there?

    Thanksss :)

  91. Tamara Borovic on said:

    I am going to Baltimore in March. Is there in some Starbucks shop Maryland mug from You are here series? I am also going to Livingston, NJ, so is there a chance i could find a NJ mug there?

    Thank you!

  92. Tamara Borovic on said:

    Thanks for the answer :)
    I thought NJ mug in the city Livingston, NJ, can i find it there?

  93. Are there going to be You Are Here 2015 ornaments?

  94. They came out with all 6 Disney mugs as YAH mug ornaments. I personally haven’t seen others.

  95. No Ct?

  96. So – why isn’t there a mug for South Carolina?

  97. Janeen Oberembt on said:

    When is the Nebraska mug coming out

  98. Oklahoma just got their mug!

  99. Yup just picked up oklahoma mug! Didn’t realize it was out. Wish Starbucks had alerts when new cities are coming.

  100. Can anyone trade a Houston mug for a San Antonio mug? I intended to buy the San Antonio mug while in San Antonio, but did not realize I bought the Houston mug until I was back in California :-( I haven’t been to Houston yet . . .

  101. Hellot there! I just started collecting these mugs and I bought the Canada 2 and Vancouver mugs but I noticed the handle of the Canada mug is thciker that my Vancouver one, is this the same for everyones?

  102. Anyone know when they’ll update the list? I’m really hoping for an Ottawa mug Canada’s capital and Vermont in 2016!

  103. Sarah olson on said:

    I would love a Nebraska mug… dad lives there……

  104. Is there an official Starbucks list anywhere?

    • Hong Luong on said:

      There are none but I do try to keep up so the one on here should be updated. The one on the Facebook page is updated after the one on this blog is.
      These guys are pretty good resources but I do believe that YAH list is updated. Collectors are usually good about posting new mugs when they come out and I tried to updated as soon as I can. Thanks!

  105. Kristi on said:

    Is there a Nevada one?

  106. Katie Morton on said:

    I vote for a South Carolina mug! Greenville, SC

  107. Steve Albright on said:

    Where can I find a SN South Carolina mug

  108. Maggie on said:

    There should be a Buffalo, NY Mug! There’s so many great things that can be put on it to capture the city. New York is a huge state with many important cities, Buffalo should get a little love.

    I also noticed that Connecticut doesn’t have one?

  109. Dear Starbucks – “New England” needs a mug – so many tourist areas in Maine/VT/NH/CT/MA, and none of those states have mugs yet. It would be a bestseller for sure.

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